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Czech Republic - Slovakia

Location: 1654
Paris, 1654 - 377 x 482 mm.
Covering Czech Republic and centered on Prague. This edition carries the date 1654.Nicolas Sanson was to bring about the rise of French cartography, although the fierce competition of the Dutch would ..
Location: 1780
Nuremberg, 1780 - 477 x 555 mm.
Detailed map of eastern Europe, including the towns of Berlin, Breslau, the river Donau from Budapest to Regensburg, with Czech Republic in the center...
Location: 1799
Paris, 1799 - 161 x 228 mm.
Small detailed map of today Czech Republic. From Atlas Portatif Universel, by Robert de Vaugondy.Unrecorded state with erased date. Page 32 outside border top right. Mary Sponberg Pedley does not ment..
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