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Czech Republic - Slovakia

Location: 1654
Published: Paris, 1654
Size: 377 x 482mm.
Color: In original o/l colours.
Condition: Good and dark impression. Little age-toned. Generally in very good condition. Tear repair on 10 cm in right part.
Covering Czech Republic and centred on Prague. This edition carries the date 1654.Nicolas Sanson was to bring about the rise ..
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Location: 1696
Published: Venice, 1696
Size: 450 x 610mm.
Color: Uncoloured.
Condition: Very strong impression. Some very minor marginal spotting and light discolouration of center fold. In very good condition.
Although Komensky's map of Moravia was already known in his time, Coronelli used the obsolete map by Fabricius, with a lot of..
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Location: 1700
Published: The Hague, 1700
Size: 443 x 498mm.
Color: Original colours.
Condition: Contemporarily laid down on larger paper the engraved title from the original print almost invisibly integrated in the enlarged part.
The engraver and publisher of prints, Mrs. Anna Beek of the Hague, enlarged this print, originally published by Braun and Hog..
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Location: 1742
Published: Paris, ca. 1742
Size: 515 x 397mm.
Color: In original colours.
Condition: With some marginal tears, with foldings. Repair of a tear in right hand part, 11cm. Into engraved area. In very good condition for a separately published print.
Rare and separately published plan of Prague published by Joan Baptista Nolin with the address à l'enseigne de la Place des ..
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Location: 1780
Published: Nuremberg, 1780
Size: 477 x 555mm.
Color: Limites col.
Condition: Mouillures. Rousseurs. Marges refaites. Some light discoloration along the center fold, with a light brown spot. Map cut on neatline and contemporarily added margins to fit in a composite atlas. A good and dark impression.
Detailed map of eastern Europe, including the towns of Berlin, Breslau, the river Donau from Budapest to Regensburg, with Cze..
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