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Location: 1587
Anvers, 1587 - 365 x 491 mm.
From a rare Spanish text edition. Prepared by Jacob Surhon who made a manuscript map of Luxembourg for which he received 500 Livres from Charles V in 1551. For security reasons the map was not publish..
Location: 1680
Amsterdam, 1680 - 462 x 562 mm.
West to the top. Very detailed and fine map of Luxembourg, including the towns of Namur, Liege, Trier and Metz...
Location: 1763
Paris, 1763 - 880 x 560 mm.
Carte établie sous la direction de César-François Cassini de Thury et gravée par Foin. Carte 141 bis. [Luxembourg], N°175. Flle 69., faisant partie de la "Carte générale de la France"...
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