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Location: 1630
Amsterdam, 1630 - 356 x 482 mm.
One of the new maps added by Hondius, when he took over publication of the Atlas, a finely engraved and decorative map of north-west Africa, with the Canaries. With an inset of the island of Penon de ..
Location: 1644
Amsterdam, 1644 - 382 x 500 mm.
North to the right. Showing the Atlas Mountains in the south to the southern coast of Spain, along the coast at Ceuta, Tangiers, and Arzilla.A finely engraved, decorative map, who influenced subsequen..
Location: 1667
Paris, P. Mariette, 1667 - 175 x 285 mm.
Map of Morocco prepared by N.Sanson and published by Pierre Mariette. The cartouche is obviously re-engraved as it is much darker than the map.Published in an early edition of the small Sanson atlas ..
Location: 1690
Antwerp, c.1690 - 95 x 260 mm.
Magnificent bird's eye-town-view of Safi south west of Casablanca in Morocco. Etched by Gaspar Bouttats (1640-1695).The Antwerp based publisher Jacques Peeters published ca. 1690 a series of prints re..
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