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Location: 1598
Anvers, 1598 - 330 x 490 mm.
Maps from 'Theatrum Orbis Terrarum [Atlas of the Whole World]':published in Antwerp; French ed. pl. 74.Senesis map was based on a map of Caesar Orlandi.Corsica map based on a map by Agostino Giustian..
Location: 1600
Cologne, 1600 - 230 x 315 mm.
Quad's map of Corsica. With Latin text on verso, rare...
Location: 1620
Venise, 1620 - 105 x 142 mm.
In the stippled sea a compass-rose in the shape of a circular disc with indication of eight wind directions by means of the first letter of the Italian names: T, G, a Cross, S, O, A, P and M. Printed ..
Location: 1692
Venise, 1692 - 600 x 450 mm.
One of the most decorative maps of Corsica, with in the upper right, a draped fabric that bears the map's scales is dressed with two angels, one holding the cross, a coat of arms, and exquisite tassel..
Location: 1692
Venise, 1692 - 600 x 450 mm.
Grande carte très décorative ornée de 4 cartouches dont un cartouche de titre, un d'échelle et un figurant la tête de Maure...
Location: 1710
Amsterdam, ca. 1710 - 510 x 883 mm.
Highly decorative large sea chart of Corsica, Sardinia and Elba, including multiple sailing ships, compass roses, cartouche, coat of arms, rhumb lines, topographical details, soundings, etc.Inset map ..
Location: 1713
Padoue, 1713 - 107 x 146 mm.
Fine miniature map of Corsica. Printed by Alphonsus Lasor a Varea (aka Raffaelo Savonarola), in his ""Universus terrarum orbis sriptorumcalamo delineatus..."" printed in Padua in 1713.With text on ver..
Location: 1730
Marseille, 1730 - 180 x 250 mm.
An attractive chart centered on Porto Vecchio. With scale and large compass-rose. Dated 1727, with the privilege of the King. From : Recueil des Plusieurs plans des ports et rades de la Mer Méditerran..
Location: 1730
Nüremberg, ca. 1730 - 570 x 490 mm.
A detailed map of Corsica in fine original colour, with uncoloured cartouche as issued...
Location: 1737
Augsbourg, 1737 - 575 x 495 mm.
Decorated in the upper left part with a title cartouche describing a picturesque Corsican scene, at the top right of a description, at the bottom left with the coat of arms of Corsica and on the right..
Location: 1738
Paris, 1738 - 500 x 800 mm.
First edition with the dedication to the Marquis de Brignole Sale. Delahaye sculpses. This map was commissioned by Genoa and produced from handwritten sources...
Location: 1738
Paris, 1738 - 497 x 790 mm.
Striking large format map of Corsica, oriented with east at the top, prepared by Bernard-Antoine Jaillot (17..-1749). Large decorative cartouche. Inset shows details of the Juridictions and Fiefs. The..
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