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Location: 1631
Amsterdam, 1631 - 480 x 605 mm.
Very rare and very decorative map with in the right and left borders costumed figures and town plans alternately. In top and bottom border town plans and views.Separate publication. State (a) with bla..
Location: 1634
Amsterdam, 1634 - 400 x 510 mm.
Willem Blaeu published this map in 1608 as a wall map with figured borders. When later, in 1630 he needed a general map of the Netherlands for his first atlas, the Appendix, the decoration in the bord..
Location: 1740
Amsterdam, 1740 - 1030 x 1200 mm.
The first wall map of the Seven Provinces of 1651, re-issued as 'Stoel des Oorlogs' by Covens & Mortier. The first issue of the present wall-map is known to be included in the Klencke Atlas in the Bri..
Location: 1770
Augsbourg, 1770 - 475 x 578 mm.
Decorated with a cartouche showing the coats of arms of Zeeland, Holland, Utrecht, Friesland, Groningen and Overijssel. T.C. Lotter married M. Seutter's daughter in 1740 and succeeded him in 1756. Lot..
Location: 1870
Paris, ca. 1870 - 800 x 540 mm.
Detailed and scarce post route map of the Low Countries, prepared by Ernest Granger.Published by Auguste Logerot who was a French publisher active from c. 1839 until 1880. Logerot made use of the wor..
Location: 1874
La Haye, 1874 - 860 x 700 mm.
Uncommon map of the Netherlands prepared by J.S. Smulders and P. H. Witkamp and lithographed by Z.M. den Koning in the Hague. Dated.Showing The Kingdom of the Netherlands after Belgium seceded from th..
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