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Location: 099?
Published: ?
Size: 730 x 1105 mm.
Color: Uncoloured.
Condition: Backed on linen. Folded into 8. Several dark spots throughout engraved area. Else a good and darl impression.
Map of North Jutland.Jutland (Danish: Jylland), historically also called Cimbria, forms the mainland part of Denmark. It has ..
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Location: 1630
Published: Amsterdam, 1630
Size: 460 x 550 mm.
Color: Uncoloured.
Condition: Cut to neat lined, and with added margins and a few small areas repaired. Paper slightly age toned. Good and dark impression of this highly decorative and rare map.
Second Edition, now for the first time with a date (1630), this rare map which - like that of Janssonius-Kaerius - is based o..
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Location: 1827
Published: Brussels, 1825-1827
Size: 485 x 573 mm.
Color: Original colours.
Condition: Lithography, in original colours. Plano edition. Very good condition.
Detailed map including Denmark and part of Norway and Sweden.From his famous Atlas Universel . This atlas was one of the most..
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