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16th - 18th century prints

Location: 1655
Published: Florence, 1654 -1655
Size: 245 x 370mm.
Color: Uncolored
Condition: Good impression. Cut short or till neat line, as usual. Collection mark on verso"F Q", Friedrich Quiring (L.1041c).
Sought-after complete suite of 6 engravings by Stefano Della Bella [1610-1664] in a second state (of 2). Della Bella was born..
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Location: 1750
Published: Paris, ca 1750
Size: 265 x 172 mm.
Color: Uncoloured
Condition: In very good condition. Lightly age toned only.
A lovely eighteenth century print of an old man who has "fear on all sides." He is seen fully dressed holding a chest (of mon..
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Location: 1760
Published: Paris, ca. 1760
Size: 180 x 130 mm.
Color: Uncoloured.
Condition: In very good condition, in old mounts with penciled hand written notes in French on each. Lightly age toned. Plate marks. Good impressions. One margin slim - all others fine.
A set of three charming medical engravings after Jean-Antoine Watteau. All three examples show an eighteenth century apotheca..
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Location: 1785
Published: Paris, Aliamet, ca. 1785
Size: 510 x 660 mm.
Color: Uncoloured
Condition: Very fine condition and imprint.
BERGHEM, N. /LAURENT, P. - Le Rachat de l'Esclave, Dédié à Monseigneur Anne Robert Jacques Turgot . . . - 60593 - - BERGHEM..
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Location: 1790
Published: Paris, ca. 1790
Size: 357 x 263 mm.
Color: Coloured.
Condition: In good condition, with only the odd minor stain of spot. Lightly age toned, plate mark and good margins. In an old mount.
A risqué but delightful French engraving produced in the late eighteenth century. It is simply titled The Curious, and s..
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Location: cles
Published: [Paris], XVI-XVIIIe siècles
Size: 160 x 102 mm.
Color: Uncoloured.
Condition: In-12, reliure début XVIIIe siècle, veau havane marbré, dos à 5 nerfs, pièce de titre maroquin grenat, roulette dorée aux coupes, tranches rouges (petits accrocs aux bords des coiffes, un coin frotté, salissures sans gravité).
CALLOT, J. / GAULTIER, Léonard. / De WEERT, J. - [Estampes de dévotion]. - 44949 - - CALLOT, J. / GAULTIER, Léonard. / De W..
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