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Location: 1657
Paris, 1657 - 383 x 530 mm.
A double hemisphere map to the North and South poles. The North pole is connected to Greenland and Spitzbergen but there is little other detailed coastline in the polar area. Europe, Russia, Iceland a..
Location: 1660
Amsterdam, 1660 - 430 x 488 mm.
A re-issue of the Hondius' plate. A particularly decorative map of the North Pole with Iceland. Several Dutch names in Labrador. The toponymy in Canada reflects the continuing English quest for the No..
Location: 1683
Paris, 1683 - 150 x 103 mm.
An interesting miniature map centered on Iceland and outlining most part of Greenland. Northwest on top. It includes Norway and great part of the British Isles.The sea is fully engraved and 4 ships ar..
Location: 1696
Venise, 1696 - 380 x 380 mm.
Two polar calottes from 110 centimeters in diameter globe of 1688 including northern part of Baffin Bay, Greenland, Iceland, Nova Zembla. Coronelli elected to follow the Dutch interpretation of arctic..
Location: 1779
Paris, 1779 - 301 x 383 mm.
Five maps on one sheet, showing the Northern Russian territories in Europe and Asia, including the western coastline from Siberia, with Japan and Korea with the island of "Quelpaerts".This map shows t..
Location: 1950
England, 1950 - 780 x 1010 mm.
Original vintage advertising poster - The Times Map of the Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1957-1958 Feature articles by Dr Vivian Fuchs and Sir Edmund Hillary on the Trans-Antarctic crossing appear exclus..
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