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South America

Location: 1630
Amsterdam, after 1630 - 371 x 485 mm.
Fine example, with wide margins of this handsome map of the Isthmus of Panama and northwestern South America including most of present day Columbia and part of Venezuela. Terra Firma is Panama, Verag..
Location: 1667
Paris, P. Mariette, 1667 - 200 x 275 mm.
Map of South America prepared by N.Sanson and published by Pierre Mariette.Published in an early edition of the small Sanson atlas L'Europe Dediée a Monseigneur . . . Le Tellier Secret. D'Estat &c."T..
Location: 1746
Paris, 1746 - 204 x 274 mm.
Interesting map of South America...
Location: 1772
Augsburg, 1772 - 455 x 576 mm.
A handsome detailed map with a large title piece at bottom left is surrounded by natives, a bird and a elephant...
Location: 1806
Paris, 1794 -1806 - 242 x 220 mm.
Map of Paraguay, Chili, and Argentina . By C. F. Delamarche, successor of Robert de Vaugondy, Geographer...
Location: 1825
Paris, 1825 - 440 x 635 mm.
A nice detailed map of South America from Buchon's Atlas Gégraphique Statistique, historique et chronologique des deux Ameriques et des isles adjacentes traduit de l'atlas exécuté en Amerique d'aprés ..
Location: 1860
Paris, Fatout, 1860 - 600 x 845 mm.
A most decorative mid 19th century map, in left and right part 12 vignettes giving a wealth of statistic and commercial information of each region in South America. Also two botanical vignettes in th..
Location: 1872
Berlin, 1872 - 450 x 543 mm.
Large and detailed map of central part of South America. With inset maps of Chili and coast of Brazil, centered on Rio Janeiro. Lithography by J.Sulzer and printed by F.Barth. Border lines are drawn ..
Location: 1874
Paris, 1874 - 365 x 270 mm.
Decorative map of South America from Géographie Universelle, Atlas Migeon. With an inset map of the Galapagos Islands. Published by J. Migeon. Engraved by Sengteller.From one of the last decorative a..
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