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Location: 1608
Amsterdam, 1608 - 136 x 183 mm.
Map centred on the South West France, from the first French-text edition of Jodocus Hondius' Atlas Minor.Shortly after the publication of the big folio-atlases the need was apparently felt for a small..
Location: 1618
Amsterdam 1616-1618 - 95 x 135 mm.
Text in latin on verso...
Location: 1619
Paris, ca. 1619 - 345 x 440 mm.
A detailed map of southern France. The title cartouche at the top left hand corner is decorated with bunches of fruit. Rivers, mountain ranges and forests are shown. Le Clerc was one of the fourth ge..
Location: 1634
Amsterdam, 1634 - 438 x 540 mm.
A detailed map of the French province of Languedoc by the most famous Dutch map publisher of the seventeenth century. Showing Cahors, Toulouse, Narbonne, Arles, Valence, etc. In the left upper corner,..
Location: 1636
Amsterdam, 1636 - 375 x 495 mm.
Large cartouche in upper left corner with French coat of arms.Centered on this great wine region. To the right the river Rhone. Lyon in the upper right and Arles in lower right corner. Cahors in the l..
Location: 1642
Paris, 1642 - 380 x 525 mm.
Detailed and rare map of Midi-Pyrénées in the south western part of France, centered on Alby and the on the Tarn River. Beautiful inset upper right with a panoramic view of Alby.Published by Melchior ..
Location: 1645
Amsterdam, 1645 - 441 x 541 mm.
Decorative and detailed map covering Languedoc-Roussillon, including Montpellier, Toulouse, Avignon, Arles, etc. Lower right hand corner Gulf of Lions.Embellished with decorative and scale cartouches,..
Location: 1650
Amsterdam, 1650 - 375 x 505 mm.
To the right the river Rhone...
Location: 1658
Amsterdam, 1658 - 381 x 497 mm.
Detailed map of a province of France famed for its Cahors wine, Rocamadour goat cheese, and black truffles.Centered on Cahors.In the lower left corner, a coloured scale cartouche surmounted by a monke..
Location: 1666
Paris,1666 - 332 x 468 mm.
Detailed map of French Canal de Languedoc with fine title cartouche upper left. Inset key notions upper right and middle left.Toulouse in upper left corner...
Location: 1697
Paris, 1697 - 595 x 1440 mm.
Title at the top, in a cartouche illustrated with allegorical figures, with a garland of shields to the arms of the lords of the lands touched by the Canal, with three medals with the effigy of Louis ..
Location: 1704
Amsterdam, ca. 1704 - 585 x 497 mm.
Carte figurant les Cévennes pendant la révolte des Camisards ; elle est ornée d'un cartouche de titre figurant des hommes armés dans les montagnes. Le texte du cartouche est en français et en néerland..
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