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Location: 1550
Basle, c.1550 - 256 x 343 mm.
One of the first European maps of Asia. Although quite crude, Münster's map does significantly improve upon the Ptolemaic model for the area. The coast of China begins to emerge in recognizable form, ..
Location: 1589
Antwerp, 1580/1589 - 370 x 490 mm.
Second state. Ortelius' fine map of Asia well represents the continent at a time when Europeans were expanding their power in the far east. The Indian subcontinent and Malaysian peninsula are easily r..
Location: 1613
Amsterdam, 1613 - 373 x 501 mm.
Several sources appear to have been used in the compilation of this map, including the Portuguese Jesuits Luis Teixeira (1595) for Japan, and Luis Jorgede Barbuda (1584) for details of China. Korea is..
Location: 1632
Amsterdam, 1632 - 410 x 550 mm.
This is the rare early issue with decorative paneled borders. In upper border views and plans of Famagusta, Rhodos, Damascus, Jerusalem, Aden and Ormus. Originally engraved with plans of 6 towns at t..
Location: 1644
Amsterdam, 1644 - 411 x 555 mm.
From 1633 the members of the Blaeu family were official cartographers to the United East India Company and, as such, had access to the most up-to-date cartographic information concerning this area. In..
Location: 1700
Paris, 1700 - 450 x 587 mm.
Scarce state of the map of Asia with the imprint "à la Courone de Diamans" published by Delisle c. 1707 : "L’ Asie. Chez l’Auteur sur le Quai de l’Horloge a la Couro. ne de Diamans avec Privilege du ..
Location: 1700
Paris, 1700 - 450 x 584 mm.
A first edition of this important map of Asia, by Guillaume Delisle with his address "Rue des Canettes". . Title cartouche by: N. Guerard, inv. et fecit. This map is typical for Guillaume de L'Isle ca..
Location: 1719
Amsterdam, 1719 - 465 x 582 mm.
Chatelain's map of Asia. The title is in two lines across the map. On each side border appears an index to the map's contents.The map is of interest for the use of Mer Orientale for the sea between Ko..
Location: 1837
Paris, 1837 - 570 x 870 mm.
Detailed map of Asia prepared by Adrien-Hubert Brué. The map has many manuscript annotations in red and brown ink on map and in lower margin. Showing a route in brown pen and ink, from Moscow to Pekin..
Location: 1850
London, 1850 - 235 x 310 mm.
Very detailed and decorative map with six black and white vignette illustrations.This is an attractive engraved map, one of the John Tallis maps published by The London Printing and Publishing Company..
Location: 1879
France, Elbeuf, 1879 - 305 x 432 mm.
Manuscript map made by miss Marie Demeule, dated Elbeuf 1879. Elbeuf is a town within the Upper Normandy region in France.In the 19th century many students, and quite often young girls, produced manus..
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