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Location: 1550
Published: Basle, c.1550
Size: 256 x 343 mm.
Color: Uncoloured.
Condition: Wood block printed map. Very good condition.
One of the first European maps of Asia. Although quite crude, Münster's map does significantly improve upon the Ptolemaic mod..
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Location: 1589
Published: Antwerp, 1580/1589
Size: 370 x 490 mm.
Color: In attractive colours.
Condition: Generally in good condition. Lower right margin short and shaving the neatline, now remargined for protective reason. German text on verso. Dark impression.
Second state. Ortelius' fine map of Asia well represents the continent at a time when Europeans were expanding their power in..
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Location: 1613
Published: Amsterdam, 1613
Size: 373 x 501 mm.
Color: In original colours.
Condition: Paper browning as usual. Repair of centerfold. With some slight colour addition.
Several sources appear to have been used in the compilation of this map, including the Portuguese Jesuits Luis Teixeira (1595..
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Location: 1632
Published: Amsterdam, 1632
Size: 410 x 550 mm.
Color: Coloured.
Condition: Paper slightly age toned. Some shine-thru of text on verso. Very good condition.
This is the rare early issue with decorative paneled borders. In upper border views and plans of Famagusta, Rhodos, Damascus..
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Location: 1644
Published: Amsterdam, 1644
Size: 411 x 555 mm.
Color: In attractive original colours
Condition: Good margins. General in very fine condition. French text on verso.
From 1633, the members of the Blaeu family were official cartographers to the United East India Company and, as such, had acc..
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Location: 1700
Published: Paris, 1700
Size: 450 x 587 mm.
Color: In original o/l colours.
Condition: A good and strong impression.
Scarce state of the map of Asia with the imprint "à la Courone de Diamans" published by Delisle c. 1707 : "L’ Asie. Chez l’A..
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Location: 1719
Published: Amsterdam, 1719
Size: 465 x 582 mm.
Color: Uncoloured.
Condition: Vertical and horizontal folds as issued. Re-inforcements of minor paper thinness along right vertical fold. Else good condition.
Chatelain's map of Asia. The title is in two lines across the map. On each side border appears an index to the map's contents..
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Location: 1837
Published: Paris 1837
Size: 570 x 870 mm.
Color: In original o/l colours.
Condition: Good condition.
Detailled map of Asie...
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Location: 1879
Published: France, Elbeuf, 1879
Size: 305 x 432 mm.
Color: In original colours.
Condition: Manuscript in pen and brown ink with wash colour, on paper.
Manuscript map made by miss Marie Demeule, dated Elbeuf 1879. Elbeuf is a town within the Upper Normandy region in France.In ..
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