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South Africa

Location: 1645
Amsterdam, 1645 - 378 x 496 mm.
The standard map of South Africa throughout the 17th century. The lake out of which the 'Zambere' -the Zambesi- flows is probably based on reports of Lake Ngami, undiscovered until 1849. Then 20 miles..
Location: 1790
Paris, 1790 - 282 x 479 mm.
Map showing the southern part of Africa with decorative rococo-style cartouche.Left and right box with geographical information for each part of the area. Printed on 2 paste-on slips.Prepared by Louis..
Location: 1856
Edinburgh, 1856 - 417 x 555 mm.
A large map of South Africa with considerable detail; it includes modern day Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique. Inset map at upper centerfold of 'Continuation of Africa south of the Equator.' From the ..
Location: 1902
Paris, 1902 - 635 x 925 mm.
Map of the Catholic Missions in the South African continent. Inset map of L'Ile St. Hélène.Taken from a supplement of the Les Missions Catholiques newspaper...
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