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Location: 1587
Amsterdam, 1587 - 282 x 524 mm.
Gerard Mercator's great world map of 1569 was condensed into double hemispherical form by his son Rumold. It first appeared in 1587 and was incorporated into his long-lived and influential Atlas from ..
Location: 1605
Leyde, 1605 - 295 x 495 mm.
The engraver Jan van Doetecum has copied this world map from the double-hemispherical one engraved by his father Baptista for Petrus Plancius in 1590. There are four new corner insets in oval frames. ..
Location: 1646
Frankfurt, 1646 - 257 x 354 mm.
A reduced version of Blaeu's world map lacking the decorative borders. The engraving is neatly executed, with Germanic touches to the lettering, and the Latin title is repeated in gothic German script..
Location: 1680
Amsterdam, 1680 - 479 x 597 mm.
According to Shirley, De Wit's map is one of the most attractive of its time. The brilliant scenes in the corners combine images of the four seasons, the elements and the signs of the zodiac in a well..
Location: 1682
Amsterdam, 1682 - 356 x 470 mm.
Beautiful double hemisphere world map from a folio Dutch Bible published by Hendrik and Jacob Keur.Surrounded by fabulous scenes from the Visscher-Berchem map of 1658 with astronomical diagrams in pla..
Location: 1690
Paris, 1690 - 458 x 600 mm.
Coronelli, Vincenzo M. / De Tillemont. c.1690. Le Globe Terrestre Represente en Devx Plans Hemispheres, Et en Diverses Avtres Figvres. 18 x 23 1/2. Very light blemish from printers ink, which does not..
Location: 1691
Venice, 1691 - 445 x 603 mm.
Decorative map of the Eastern hemisphere including the discoveries made by Abel Tasman in Australia. The decorative borders include co-ordinates and descriptions of signs of the zodiac. Dedicated to P..
Location: 1704
Paris, 1704 - 380 x 537 mm.
Nicolas Sanson's map of the ancient world, engraved by Jean Somer Pruthenus was issued separately in 1657 before being incorporated in the first formal edition of Sanson's world atlas in 1658. Here in..
Location: 1705
Paris, 1705 - 226 x 338 mm.
Uncommon world map in Mercator's projection, which first appeared in De Fer's Atlas Curieux.Showing California as an island. Engraved by C.Inselin.Shows the explorer's routes around the world and a ho..
Location: 1705
Nuremberg, 1705 - 483 x 572 mm.
The world centred around the North Pole is depicted on the dial of a beautiful full size mantle-piece clock with California as an island with rounded northern coastline and also with Japan included. C..
Location: 1708
Amsterdam, 1708 - 417 x 512 mm.
A chart showing the eastern hemisphere, including north eastern coast of Australia with, superimposed, climatic zones and planetary details. Surround by most decorative scrollwork and cherubs. Andreas..
Location: 1720
Germany c.1720 - 270 x 343 mm.
Uncommon German world map showing California as an island. A large island "Terra Esonis", north of Japan has been joined to the coast of America to create a vast land mass over the Pacific. With fine ..
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