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Location: 1790
Paris, 1790 - 265 x 500 mm.
Folding fan made of skin sheet and mounted in English style, with a painted gallant scene at the bird cage.Painted verso of a man among ancient ruins.Beautiful ivory mounting finely perforated, carved..
Location: 1840
France, ca. 1840 - 185 x 135 mm.
A rare woven silk portrait of Joseph-Marie Jacquard after Bonnefonds, completed on the Jacquard punched-card loom. Woven by Carquillat in the silk factory of Didier Petit. Written at the bottom of the..
Location: 1850
Rüti, ca. 1850 - 460 x 330 mm.
Rarissime portrait en soie tissée de Jean-Marie Jacquard dessiné par Fritz Kaeser d'après la peinture de C. Bonnefond, réalisé sur le fameux métier mécanique Honneger à Rüti. Le portrait de Jacquard e..
Location: 1880
China, 1880 - 270 x 515 mm.
Folding fan made of sheet paper, gouache painting depicting a lively garden of a dignitary and servants whose costumes are silk applied (in relief), the heads of the characters are in ivory.The back ..
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