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Location: 1657
Published: Paris, 1657
Size: 383 x 530mm.
Color: In original o/l colours.
Condition: A good impression. Very good.
A double hemisphere map to the North and South poles with Terra Incognita. The North pole is connected to Greenland and Spitz..
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Location: 1660
Published: Amsterdam, 1660
Size: 430 x 488mm.
Color: In attactive original colours.
Condition: In attractive original colours with wide margins. Several places underlaid due to oxidation of green part, no paper missing, overall in good condition.
A re-issue of the Hondius' plate. A particularly decorative map of the North Pole. The toponamy in Canada reflects the contin..
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Location: 1683
Published: Paris, 1683
Size: 150 x 103mm.
Color: Uncoloured.
Condition: Some age-toning of paper. Minor water staining along upper and right margin. Hardly noticeable brown spots in the center of the map. Else very good condition and dark imprint.
An interesting miniature map centred on Iceland and outlining most part of Greenland. Northwest on top. It includes Norway an..
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Location: 1696
Published: Venice, 1696
Size: 380 x 380mm.
Color: Uncoloured.
Condition: In very good condition, with no text on verso.
Two polar calottes from 110 centimeters in diameter globe of 1688 including northern part of Baffin Bay, Greenland, Nova Zemb..
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Location: 1779
Published: Paris, 1779
Size: 301 x 383mm.
Color: Uncoloured.
Condition: In very good condition. Wide margins. Slight discolouration along center fold. Left margin frayed unevenly.
Five maps on one sheet, showing California, Alaska and Siberia and Japan. The map is from Diderot's Encyclopaedia which inclu..
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