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Europe continent

Location: 1493
Nuremberg, 1493 - 392 x 575 mm.
Map of Northern Europe and centered on Poland. First issue, with Latin text colophon and date on verso. The map is deemed to be the first printed map of Germany, even if it shows a larger area. W. B. ..
Location: 1628
Amsterdam, 1628 - 382 x 470 mm.
General map of Europe, as well as Americae Pars, Greenland, Iceland, a Polar landmass, along with the mythical islands of Frisland, Drogeo, and Bradain. A large strapwork title cartouche completes the..
Location: 1762
Paris, 1762 - 385 x 510 mm.
Map of ancient Roman Empire. Two distance scales.Left and right a box with geographical information for Europe.Prepared by Buy de Mornas, who was a professor of geography and history and published by ..
Location: 1788
Paris, Mondhare, 1788 - 965 x 1230 mm.
Carte murale entourée d'une superbe bordure dans le style Rococo, constituée de 20 scènes historiques décrivant l’avènement des états et royaumes d’Europe et les événements qui y ont conduit. J.-B. Cl..
Location: 1850
Paris, 1850 - 310 x 430 mm.
While the map itself is quite simple without a great deal of detail, the surrounding engravings make this one of the most decorative 19th century maps. The map is framed by medallion portraits and coa..
Location: 1852
Paris, 1852 - 397 x 461 mm.
Fine manuscript map of Europe with relief shown pictorially. Signed by the author in the lower right corner.Lower left Juillet 1852...
Location: 1875
Paris, 1875 - 656 x 870 mm.
Very large, highly detailed and uncommon map of the British Isles, with inset map of the world and the Shetland Islands. The map shows according to the title: main interregional routes, rivers, canals..
Location: 676
London, 1627- 676 - 392 x 517 mm.
A good impression from an early edition of this famous and decorative cartes-a-figures from the first world atlas produced by an Englishman - John Speed’s Prospect Of The Most Famous Parts Of The Worl..
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