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Europe continent

Location: 1493
Published: Nuremberg, 1493
Size: 392 x 575 mm.
Color: Coloured.
Condition: Skillfully restored at the bottom corners. On the right side some paper thinness. Small area ca. 1-3 mm part on the left side ( eg.: letter "B" in the world BRITANICA and some part on the lover right corner are replaced or redrawn in a professional way. Overall nice example.
Map of Northern Europe and centered on Poland. First issue, with Latin text colophon and date on verso. The map is deemed to ..
Location: 1584
Published: Amsterdam, 1584
Size: 605 x 525 mm.
Color: In original colours with refreshments.
Condition: Dutch text on verso. Some browning, foxing. A few worm holes filled in. The Europe chart is larger than the other charts in the atlas, as often the case the lower margin is trimmed affecting part of the grade scale. Dark impression.
This general chart of north-western Europe and the surrounding coastal waters is from the rare pilot-guide De Spiegel der Zee..
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BLAEU, W. -  Imperii Caroli Magni.
Location: 1650
Published: Amsterdam, 1650
Size: 640 x 970mm.
Color: Uncoloured.
Condition: Because of its dimensions the map is printed from two plates. Underlaying on folds, lower margin cut to lower neat line and contemporarily added margin.
Prepared by Petrus Bertius in 1616. Very large historical map (four sheets joined) depicting the empire of Charles the Great...
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Location: 1657
Published: Paris, 1642/45-1657
Size: 405 x 557 mm.
Color: In original o/l colours.
Condition: Good and dark impression. Left and right margin cut till scale border, as issued. Paper slightly age-toned but generally good.
Fine map Central Europe including Germany, Poland, Low countries, Switzerland and Austria. The map was first published by Ta..
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JOLLAIN, G. -  Romani Imperii Imago.
Location: 1680
Published: Paris, 1680
Size: 325 x 480mm.
Color: Uncoloured.
Condition: Cut on the neat line and in lower part into longitude scale, with extended margins to fit in composite atlas. Part in upper left and right corner cut off. Dark impression.
Copied after a map by Ortelius but much rarer. The medallion portraits are of Romulus and Remus - the genealogical 'tree' des..
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Location: 1762
Published: Paris, 1762
Size: 385 x 510 mm.
Color: In original colours.
Condition: In good condition. Dark impression.
Map of ancient Roman Empire. Two distance scales.Left and right a box with geographical information for Europe.Prepared by Bu..
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Location: 1852
Published: Paris, 1852
Size: 397 x 461 mm.
Color: Uncoloured.
Condition: Good and dark image on sound paper. Professional repair of minor worm hole in the upper central part of the image. Repair of marginal tear in the lower left corner. Good margins. .
Fine manuscript map of Europe with relief shown pictorially. Signed by the author in the lower right corner.Lower left Juille..
Location: 1855
Published: New York, 1855
Size: 175 x 210 mm.
Color: Original colours.
Condition: Cerographic map and on verso 3 historical wood-cut engravings. Paper slightly age-toned and marginal spotting.
Map of Europe. From Sidney E. Morse's: System of Geography for the use of schools , published by Harper and brothers, 329 Pe..
Location: 1875
Published: Paris, 1875
Size: 656 x 870 mm.
Color: In original colours.
Condition: In very good condition.
This very large, highly detailed and uncommon map of the British Isles, with an inset map of the world and the Shetland Islan..
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