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Atlantic Ocean

Location: 1740
London, ca. 1740 - 375 x 440 mm.
An extremely rare map of Great Britain's empirical reaches in the mid 18th century on a curious circular projection. Map shows the eastern coasts of North and South America, the West Indies, Great Bri..
Location: 1751
Amsterdam, 1751 - 585 x 984 mm.
Rare two sheet sea chart of the coasts of Brazil, West Africa and South Africa, published by Johannes Van Keulen (the younger), circa 1720.The chart shows the western coast of Africa but the informati..
Location: 1852
Paris, A. Combette, 1852 - 290 x 425 mm.
A very decorative 19th century map showing the islands of St Martin, St Pierre et Miquelon and Terra Nova. Includes also Guyana. The map is surrounded by portraits, animals, vegetation, etc.. Lovely m..
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