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Location: 1686
Published: Paris, 1686
Size: 374 x 542 mm.
Color: Coloured.
Condition: In fine condition.
Uncommon map of the Greek Islands by Pierre Du Val, published in Paris.Shows a number of early sea routes through the islands..
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Location: 1728
Published: Amsterdam, 1728
Size: 333 x 440 mm.
Color: In original o/l colours.
Condition: Very good impression. Hard to find in original colours.
A map of Greece during the Roman Empire, with descriptive French text, from Chatelain's monumental 7 volume Atlas Historique...
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Location: 1858
Published: Genova, Paolo Rivara fu Giacomo, 1858
Size: 265 x 330 mm.
Color: In original o/l colours.
Condition: Printed on thick paper. Some foxing. Good margins.
Uncommon map with the Mediterranean Sea, centered on Greece. With a key to tracks of different streamline routes, prepared by..
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