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Location: 1598
Antwerp, 1598 - 355 x 482 mm.
Korea is shown as an elongated island whilst Japan is shown with just the three principal islands of the archipelago...
Location: 1601
Antwerp, 1601 - 350 x 480 mm.
Perfect condition. The map was based upon the manuscript draft supplied to Ortelius in about 1592 by the famous official Portuguese chart maker, Luis Teixeira , who was the cartographer to the court o..
Location: 1698
Venice, 1698 - 465 x 625 mm.
A most attractive and decorative map of Japan and its near neighbor Korea by Vincenzo Coronelli. An elaborate central title cartouche garlanded with intertwined flowers and dedicated to the Fon..
Location: 1719
Amsterdam, 1719 - 370 x 435 mm.
A good impression of this decorative map of Japan based on Reland's map of `1715, one of the earliest to use both Latin names and Japanese characters. With inset of the bay of Nagasaki...
Location: 1720
Amsterdam, 1655 - 1720 - 417 x 589 mm.
The rare Covens and Mortier issue of this important map of Japan and Korea, originally published by Blaeu. This was to remain the standard form of Japan until the eighteenth century and although repla..
Location: 1720
Amsterdam, 1720 - 376 x 435 mm.
The plate is showing the murder of one of the Medieval Emperors of Japan and the arrival of one of the early Dutch embassies in Kyoto with a small map of Japan in a central panel. Plate and text-pages..
Location: 1740
Augsbourg, 1740 - 486 x 565 mm.
The map is based on Englebert Kaempfer's map of 1727. It shows a much distorted outline for the Island of Japan and a wonderful decorative cartouche top left. The map was engraved by Tobias Conrad Lot..
Location: 1750
Ca. 1750 - 76 x 95 mm.
Charming 18th water colour on paper depicting the factory Deshima in Japan. Probably made by a westerner artist visiting Japan. RARE...
Location: 1798
Paris, 1798 - 493 x 680 mm.
Chart of the discoveries to the north of Japan, in 1643 by the Dutch ships Castricum and Breskens. In two small insets in the top of the chart the province of Osju is depicted, at bottom left a view o..
Location: 1835
Londres, 1835 - 390 x 317 mm.
Decorative steel engraved map of Japan. In an inset the bay of Nagasaki and in another inset the eastern point of Yeso (Hokaido. Including the islands of Argonaut and Dagelet...
Location: 1852
Leiden, 1832-1852 - 215 x 262 mm.
Map of part of Japan and the The Liancourt Rocks west of Japan. Its name derives from Le Liancourt, the name of the French whaling ship whose crew almost crashed on the rocks in 1849. The islets are a..
Location: 1852
Leyde, 1832 - 1852 - 330 x 535 mm.
A very rare birds-eye view showing Deshima and Nagasaki bay. Von Siebold was born in Würtzburg, in Germany, and worked for the Dutch government as a doctor in Java. In Japan, where Von Siebold arrived..
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