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Location: 1720
Amsterdam, P.Schenck, 1680/1720 - 460 x 560 mm.
Uncommon map, showing the portion of the island which had been taken from the Caribs up to that time. In lower left corner a title cartouche with fruit, tobacco, sugar...
Location: 1758
Paris, 1758 - 559 x 872 mm.
A well engraved and highly detailed chart that was issued in Neptune americo-septentrionale. This chart is based on Sayer & Bennett's chart that was issued in 1776 and was intended for use by the Fren..
Location: 1852
Paris, A. Combette, 1852 - 280 x 425 mm.
Carte des Colonies Françaises (Guadeloupe, Marie Galante et la Martinique). Map of the old French colonies of Guadeloupe, Marie Galante and Martinique.Lovely map from one of the last decorative atlase..
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