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Travel Asie - Oceania

Location: 1673
London, Printed by the Author at his house in White-Friers, 1673 - 395 x 265 mm.
Very rare first English text edition of this most important and early resource on China and the Chinese. Three parts in one folio by John Macock for the author.Part I: An Embassy. Part II: A narrativ..
Location: 1729
Amsterdam, 1729 - 320 x 240 mm.
First French edition, published by P.Gosse, J.Neaulme and B.Lakeman. The basic work on Japan from the second half of the 17th century when it was still forbidden to foreigners to enter the country. Th..
Location: 1729
Amsterdam, 1729 - 200 x 125 mm.
This provides an interesting illustrated description of China, Japan, Phillippines, Moluccas. Including a map of China, Korea and Japan, with the Sea between Korea and Japan called "Zee van Japan" and..
Location: 1734
Venice, 1734 - 200 x 130 mm.
This most uncommon work provides an interesting focus on the dissemination of the outline of Japan provided by Kaempfer. Beside the description of Japan, the book includes a description of Philippines..
Location: 1737
The Hague, H. Scheurleer, 1737 - 520 x 390 mm.
First edition of "the principal cartographic authority on China during the 18th century". It was the second major atlas of China produced in Europe following the Martini /Blaeu Novus Atlas Sinensis 16..
Location: 1763
Amsterdam, Leipzig, 1763 - 242 x 283 mm.
Volume 21 of this informative publication with a description of the discoveries, conquests, and settlements by the Portuguese, Spaniards, English, and Dutch in South East Asia.This volume including fi..
Location: 1806
Osaka, Bunka 3, year of the tiger - 1806 - 225 x 180 mm.
Published in Osaka, Kawachiya Genhichiro, et al. [8 book sellers], slightly later issue but apparently in Edo period, using all the same woodblocks of original first edition (Kawachiya Kichibei et al..
Location: 1811
Paris, Treuttel et Wurtz, 1811 - 200 x 130 mm.
Rare first edition.- The French sinologist Jean-Pierre Abel-Remusat (September 5, 1788 - June 2, 1832) was born in Paris and educated for the medical profession, but a Chinese herbal in the collection..
Location: 1877
Paris, Morel, 1877 - 573 x 402 mm.
Prisse d’Avennes was one of the foremost scholars of Arabic art and architecture of the 19th century; this work represents the summation of his studies. From the aspect of chromolithography, this rank..
Location: 1878
1866 et 1873, tirage vers 1878 - Folio
VOYAGE A ANGKOR. - Collection constituée de 26 photographies par Emile Gsell, 13 autres photographies, 2 fascicules concernant le Cambodge et Angkor, 3 dessins, 6 planches provenant de l'ouvrage de Ga..
Location: 1897
Leipzig, 1897 - 270 x 190 mm.
The book has been re-bound early this century in full leather binding. Plates covered with snake-skin imitation leather. Edges covered with red ink. The book is preserved in a fine box covered with ma..
Location: 1899
Sydney, c. 1899 - 590 x 440 mm.
Unique album with a title in manuscript illustrated with 9 original gouaches of birds like bowerbirds, kingfishers and parakeets, according to the title drawn after nature and represented in their nat..
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