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Location: 1635
Amsterdam, 1635 - 402 x 503 mm.
Willem Blaeu published this map in 1608 as a wall map with figured borders. When later, in 1630 he needed a general map of the Netherlands for his first atlas, the Appendix, the decoration in the bord..
Location: 1687
Paris 1687 - 540 x 418 mm.
From his first edition of his only folio atlas, the map is relied upon the map of his uncle, Nicolas Sanson. Engraved by I.Somer. A nice map of Netherlands...
Location: 1720
Augsbourg, 1720 - 153 x 195 mm.
Showing the Low Countries, including present day The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg...
Location: 1806
Paris, Prudhomme, Levrault, Debray, 1806 - 175 x 222 mm.
Map of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg from Atlas moderne portatif composé de vingt-huit cartes sur toutes les parties du globe terrestre .. A l'usage des Colléges, des Pensions & des Maisons ..
Location: 1828
Paris, A.H. Basset, 1828 - 420 x 345 mm.
Detailed map of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, prepared by A. H. Basset, rue Saint-Jacques, no. 64, Paris and published in Atlas classique et Universel de Géographie . . . .The engraver of t..
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