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Location: 1665
Paris, 1665 - 525 x 365 mm.
Uncommon map of the Algerian coast, with fine title and scale cartouches in the top...
Location: 1690
Antwerp, c.1690 - 100 x 260 mm.
Magnificent bird's eye-town-view of Oran. Etched by Gaspar Bouttats (1640-1695).The Antwerp based publisher Jacques Peeters published ca. 1690 a series of prints related to the Habsburg-Ottoman war (1..
Location: 1720
Amsterdam, 1720 - 440 x 560 mm.
Rare and detailed map of the coast of Algeria. Large inset map of the Bay of Alger (El-Jazir). Shows a coastline of Spain around Alicante. Two compass roses in the Mediterreanen...
Location: 1852
Paris, A. Combette, 1852 - 295 x 435 mm.
Map of Algeria.Lovely map from one of the last decorative atlases of the nineteenth century.The rather simple map is framed by medallion portraits and coats of arms, and is set against a background of..
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