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Location: 1728
Amsterdam 1728 - 265 x 380 mm.
This splendid map of the southern United States was based on Delisle's influential Carte du Mexique de la Floride.. of 1703. The map is filled with details of early colonial settlements and Indian tri..
Location: 1778
Venise, 1778 - 338 x 422 mm.
Antonio Zatta published an Italian version of the John Mitchell map in twelve sheet. This sheet depicts Lake Superior in the Bellin version, as it appeared on the Mitchel map. With inset map of Florid..
Location: 1800
Paris, 1800 - 598 x 893 mm.
Detailed and important early chart of the Gulf Coast and Florida and dated 1800. From Neptune des cotes occidentales d'Amerique sur le Grand Ocean, an extensive atlas of charts of the western coasts..
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