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Cartographic Curiosities

Location: 1772
France, ca. 1772 - 175 x 303 mm.
Among the allegorical maps of early modern times, those relating to romantic attachments, sexual relationships and marriage have long excited curiosity among students of literature and the history of ..
Location: 1852
Gotha, 1852 - 370 x 230 mm.
A very rare publicity leaflet for atlases published by Justus Perthes in 1852. This leaflet is very valuable as it gives in detail the different atlasses published in 1852 other than the well-known St..
Location: 1870
Paris, Imprimerie Vallée, 1870 - 245 x 387 mm.
Carte d'Europe satirique pour l'année 1870 accompagnée d'un texte descriptif en bas de planche : L’ANGLETERRE, isolée, peste de rage et en oublie Presque L’IRLANDE qu’elle tient en laisse. L’ESPAGNE f..
Location: 1890
Paris, ca. 1880-1890 - 480 x 555 mm.
Goose game board inspired by Jules Verne's novel whose boxes are illustrated with colour lithographs and the center occupied by a world map. Vignette illustrations numbered from 1 to 80, captioned in ..
Location: wind
Dresde, Leutert & Schneidewind - 275 x 485 mm.
A satirical map of Europe with a title in German that marks the outbreak of the First World War, probably conceived between August and October 1914. Lehmann-Dumont was no doubt inspired by Frederick W..
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