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Location: 1564
Lyons, 1564 - 270 x 378 mm.
A very desirable and scarce item of this decorative and early bid's-eye town-plan of the Inca city of Cuzco. Several figures shown inside the city walls and on the hillside and roads leading into the ..
Location: 1644
Amsterdam, 1644 - 375 x 490 mm.
FIRST EDITION, FIRST ISSUE OF THIS MAP. Decorated with ships and monsters in the sea. Orientated with east at the top. With the signature of G. Blaeuw lower right corner. Shows the Pacific coast of So..
Location: 1825
Paris, 1825 - 450 x 625 mm.
A nice detailed map of Peru from Buchon's Atlas Gégraphique Statistique, historique et chronologique des deux Ameriques et des isles adjacentes; traduit de l'atlas exécuté en Amerique d'aprés Lesage, ..
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