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Touraine towns

Location: 1575
Paris, 1575 - 295 x 390 mm.
The first and only edition. Scarce plan of château de Paulmy by François De Belleforest, which appeared in the 1575 and was basically a French edition of Sebastian Münster's Cosmographia...
Location: 1655
Francfort/Main, 1655 - 188 x 290 mm.
Planche figurant une vue du château de Chavigny en Touraine, publiée dans la "Topographia Galliae"de Merian. De 1655 à 1661, Gaspard Merian édite en allemand et en caractères gothiques, les 13 parties..
Location: 1678
Frankfurt, 1623-1678 - 100 x 145 mm.
A very nice depiction of the Château de Chenonceau near Tours, France with in the foreground of a dead lion, surrounded by rabbits. With a verse in two languages underneath the picture.The poet and t..
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