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Location: 1598
Anvers, 1598 - 343 x 455 mm.
A fine map based upon a map by the Swiss cartographer Aegidicus Tschudi of 1538...
Location: 1630
Amsterdam, 1630 - 408 x 532 mm.
A most decorative "carte à figures" map with panoramic views of Lucern, S.Gal, Bern, Solothurn, Schafhausen in upper border and Basel and Zurich in lower left and right hand corner. In the side border..
Location: 1705
Paris, 1705 - 237 x 340 mm.
Map of the Neuchatel region, from Nicolas de Fer's "L'Atlas curieux ou le Monde réprésente dans des cartes. "The "Atlas Curieux" is a geographic encyclopedia of images and a celebration of the French ..
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