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Location: 1782
Venise, 1782 - 407 x 312 mm.
An attractive and detailed map of Western Russia with Lapland and Finland, including the towns of St. Petersburg, Kola, and Helsinki. Decorative and large pictorial cartouche is fully coloured.Publis..
Location: 1794
Nuremberg, 1794 - 497 x 678 mm.
A detailed map of the European part of the Russian Empire. Very rare map. Copper etching by C. Mannert and edited by Adam Gottlieb Schneider and Johann Christoph Weigel. Mannert maps are extremely rar..
1 500€
Location: 1800
Vienna, ca. 1786-1800 - 790 x 1140 mm.
An attractive map of Russia in two unjoined sheets. Very detailed with rivers lakes mountains etc. To the lower right corner "Eintheilung russlands in 42 statthalterschaften und 403 Kreise". A key, ..
1 800€
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