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70 GOOS, P. Pascaerte vande Vlaemsche, Soute, en Caribesche Eylanden, als mede Terra Nova,. . . Amsterdam, 1672. In original colours. Printed on double plye-paper. Very good condition. Cartouches heightened with gold. 445 x 545 mm.
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¤ This fine and scarce sea chart covers the central Atlantic and extends to include the Maritime Provinces, Antilles and the northwest coast of South America, east to the Azores, Cape Verde, Madeira and the Canary Islands. A pair of compass roses orient the map with north to the left, and rhumb lines cross the map.
"This map's coverage was originally devised by Theunis Jacobsz in c.1650; it is, however, derived from later derivatives. Goos appears to have drawn upon Hendrick Doncker of 1659 for his depiction of the North American coastline, but Joannes van Loon for the South American portion. Shortly after Goos altered the chart extensively, something that he virtually never did. These alterations drew upon the van Loon chart of 1661 with the exception of the St. Lawrence River. The coastlines of present day New jersey and Long Island are much improved. The Grand Banks and Newfoundland are also reconfigured. All of the Atlantic Islands are moved further east, and the Brazilian coastline is extended eastwards." (Burden)

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71 VAN KEULEN, J. Pascaerte van West Indien begrypende in zich de Vaste kusten en Eylanden,alles op syn waere lengte en breete op wassende. . . Amsterdam, 1681. Coloured. Centerfold backed with thin Japanese paper for protective reason. Remains of paper tape on verso from earlier framing. Very good condition. 500 x 595 mm.
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¤ Scarce Dutch Sea Chart of the west coast of America, extending from Long Island to the Caribbean and the Northern part of South America. Includes large inset of the Northwestern portion of Cuba, centered on Havana and extending to Bermuda.
Includes an excellent depiction of the Gulf Coast, Florida and the coast of the Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York, with Long Island shown as an Island and dozens of place names along the coast.
The map is based upon Hessel Gerritsz manuscript chart of 1631, a cartographic landmark in the history of the mapping of the Gulf Coast.
The map includes a large cartouche and compass rose and rhumblines.
A state 2 of 3, with the privigie voor 15 Iaar added.
Although many of the van Keulen's charts were published in both the Zee-Fakkel and Zee-Atlas, this one is only found in the Zee-Fakkel. Burden, America II, 517, state 2.

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72 VISSCHER, N. Insula Matanino vulgo Martanico in lucem edita / per Nicolaum Visscher cum Priviliegio Ordin: General Belgii Faederati. Amsterdam, ca. 1680. In original colours. In very good condition in full body colour. 465 x 570 mm.
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¤ Uncommon map, showing the portion of the island which had been taken from the Caribs up to that timeIn lower left corner a title cartouche with fruit, tobacco, sugar.

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73 BLAEU, J. Canibales Insulae. Amsterdam, 1670. Col. Paper with marginal age-toning due to former framing. Latin text on verso. 412 x 525 mm.
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¤ This is the first Dutch chart to focus on the Lesser Antilles. It covers the Windward and Leeward Isles from Puerto Rico to Trinidad and Margarita. Centered on a compass rose with north at right, the chart is less decorative than other maps by Blaeu, having instead a practical navigational chart appearance.
Only published in his "Atlas Maior" from 1662, therefore relatively rare. Krogt/ Koeman, Atlantes Neerlandici, Vol.II 9640:2.

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