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40 PORCACCHI, T. Descittione del Mappamondo Venice, ca.1586. Coloured. Good. 70 x 140 mm.
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¤ A fine miniature oval map of the world engraved by Girolamo Porro. It is a reduction of Giovanni Francesco Camocio's superb large map of 1567, one of the last in the long line of derivatives from Gastaldi's prototype of 1546. North America is separated from Asia by a narrow straight with Giapan (Japan) located just south of this straight.
This is a very uncommon edition from the second plate with the shading under Terra Incognita composed of horizontal lines instead of the short vertical lines in the earlier (1572) plate. On a full sheet of Italian text with text below and the title above. - Shirley, World, 154

41 DUVAL, P. Le Monde en Planisphere.. Paris, 1676. Uncoloured. Very good and dark impression. 104 x 128 mm.
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¤ Uncommon miniature map of the World showing California as an island, from Pierre Duval's "La Geographie Universeille" dated 1676. Following his "Cartes de geographie in 1657, Pierre Duval published this smaller size atlas which contains a larger quantity of maps. The maps in the atlas appear to be derived from those of his uncle Nicolas Sanson. - Shirley, World 405.

42 CORONELLI, V. / DE TILLEMONT. / NOLIN. Le Globe Terrestre Represente en Devx Plans Hemispheres, Et Paris 1690. Coloured. Some rimpling along centerfold and on the left part of the map. Repair of split and tear lower part centerfold 9cm and 3cm respectively into the engraved area. Localised paper thinness.
Good condition. 458 x 600 mm.
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¤ Coronelli, Vincenzo M. / De Tillemont. c.1690. Le Globe Terrestre Represente en Devx Plans Hemispheres, Et en Diverses Avtres Figvres. 18 x 23 1/2. Very light blemish from printers ink, which does not distract from the strength of the image, otherwise fine condition. A beautifully decorative 17th Century world map. De Tillemont often worked with Coronelli and this world map is based on the information of both men.
The map features two principal hemispheres and 8 smaller projections. California is shown as an island with the indented northern coastline. Australia's eastern coastline is left undefined. The South Pacific features a few other undefined coastlines, including New Zealand. The Mississippi River is noted in North America. Geographically, the map tends to follow Coronelli's globe of 1688. One noticeable addition to the world map is the Solomon Islands in the Pacific. From Shirley: The engraving is commendably precise and clear. - Shirley,The Mapping of the World: #546. Plate 381.

43 ZAHN, J. Tabula geographico-hydrographica motus Tom II p.132. Nuremberg, 1696. Uncoloured. Good and dark impression. 322 x 204 mm.
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¤ World map depicting ocean currents, volcanoes and deep-sea chasms. The continents are void of political detail and only major lakes, rivers and volcanoes are shown.
There are prominent Northwest and Northeast Passages and a vast southern continent. The map is based on Happel and Kircher's theories.
From his "Mundus Mirabilis".
Johann Zahn (1631-1707) was a philosopher of the Praemonstratensian order in Wurzburg, he wrote a number of pseudo-scientific works accompanied by engravings of the highest standard. His work was produced during a period of history known as the "Enlightenment" when scientific experimentation and philosophical debate were encouraged by a European nobility hungry for new knowledge. ¤

44 SANSON, N. Orbis Vetus, et.. Auctore N.Sanson.. Venice 1704. Limites en col. ancien. A fine copy. Contemporarily laid down on a large sheet of paper. 380 x 537 mm.
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¤ Nicolas Sanson's map of the ancient world, engraved by Jean Somer Pruthenus was issued separately in 1657 before being incorporated in the first formal edition of Sanson's world atlas in 1658. Here in a rare edition with imprint "Lutetiae Parisiorum Apud Autorem Cum Privilegio Regis, ad Vicennium 1704". The map is in two hemispheres with no external decoration: the Eastern Hemisphere is shown with classical nomenclature and the western with a few mythical place names. Note the extensive northern landmass of Jesso. Showing California as an island. Shirley does not mention this edition. - Shirley, World, 400.

45 FER,N. De Mappe-Monde ou carte Universelle.. Paris, 1705. In original o/l colours. Wide margins. Good and dark impression. 226 x 338 mm.
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¤ Uncommon world map in Mercator's projection, which first appeared in De Fer's Atlas Curieux.
Showing California as an island. Engraved by C.Inselin.
Shows the explorer's routes around the world and a host of other interesting features, including incomplete coastlines for New Zealand and Australia and a the NW Coast of America, hidden behind it's decorative title cartouche.
The map has an updated privilege to the King, "1705", another more common edition is known with the date 1702.

46 ROSACCIO / SESSA heirs. Orbis Terrae compendiosa descriptio. Venise 1598/1713. Uncoloured. In very good condition. Dark impresion. Printed on thin paper. 172 x 247 mm.
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¤ Modern world map by Rosaccio, consisting of two hemispheres enclosed within a plain border. The engraving is sharp and neat, and is a skilful reduction of Rumold Mercator's map of 1587 but with parallel latitudinals.
In upper right hand corner ''T.2.pag.284'', meaning that this is the state from "Universus Terrarum Orbis Scriptorum", Padua 1713. - Shirley, World 217.

47 DETLEFFSEN, J. Orbis terrarum typus de integro in plurimis emendatus, auctus et icunculis illustratus. Minden, 1716. Col. With German text on verso. 323 x 479 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°1418 .

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¤ Outstanding and rare example of a bible world map based on the Visscher bible map from 1657 (Shirley 401/414). This map is larger in size and has an extra engraved frame around the original Visscher map. With the coastlines of Australia and New Zealand. Showing double-hemisphere world with two solar charts and two small celestial charts. Surround with allegorical representation of the continents. From a German bible printed in Minden by Johann Detleffsen in 1716.

48 CHIQUET, J. Le Globe Terrestre Representé en Deux Plans-Hemispheres. . . Paris, 1719. Original o/l colour. Bonne impression. Papier uniformément bruni. Décolorations légères dans la partie sup. droite. Bonne condition générale. - A good and dark impression. Paper slightly age-toned. Slight discolouration in the upper right corner of the map. Else good condition. 162 x 216 mm.
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¤ Double hémisphère d'une mappemonde décrivant l'île de la Californie et le Passage Nord ouest. Peu de détail à part la citation desnations les plus importantes.
Small double hemisphere world map featuring the Island of California and a Northwest Passage. There is little interior detail with only major nations named.
Ter. de Jesso appears off the east coast of Asia, Australia is incomplete and still attached to New Guinea, the west coast of New Zealand appears, and there is still a partial coastline for Terres Australes. Decorative title cartouche and French text surrounds the map.
From Le Nouveau et Curieux Atlas Geographique et Historique.. by Jacques Chiquet.
Mounted on an engraved French text sheet entitled "De la Connoissance et Termes de la Geographie."

49 BODENEHR,G. Carta Hydrographica oder Algemeine Welt.. Augsbourg, 1720. Col. In good condition. 146 x 232 mm.
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¤ Worldmap in Mercator projection. Showing California as an island. In upper left and right hand corner two ships. The map is showing the important trade routes.

50 BODENEHR,G. Der Neuen Welt .. Nord America und Sud America.. Augsbourg, 1720. Coloured. In good condition. 147 x 267 mm.
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¤ Two maps on one sheet, showing eastern and western hemisphere. California as an island.

51 HOMANN, J.B. Basis Geographiae recentioris astronomica.. Nuremberg, 1740. In original o/l colours. In very good condition. With later colour addition. 485 x 577 mm.
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¤ Baroque period world map in double hemispheres showing the shapes of land masses exactly calculated from astronomical observations. Roundel vignettes show cherubs making the observations and the instruments used.
The continents are shown in outline form. In North America California is an island and there is a hint of a possible Northwest Passage from Hudson Bay to the Strait of Anian.
In the Eastern Hemisphere, Japan is shown twice. Australia connected to New Guinea.
The lower part scenes including cherubs using a variety of contemporary instruments at an observatory. In the center, a solar projector is used to measure the eclipse of the sun in the spandrel directly above. On the right, longitude is being determined by observing the transit of the moons of Jupiter in the upper left corner. Shirley refers to this map as being 'neglected' and considers it "in advance of its time." - Leighly, 166.

52 SANSON, G. / JAILLOT, H. Mappe-Monde Geo-Hydrographique, ou Description Générale.. Paris, 1741/ c.1745. In original o/l colours. Minor spotting in the generous margins, and a neatly repaired tear along the fold, slightly affecting the cartouche at the foot. 465 x 655 mm.
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Large map of the world in two hemispheres, in a stereographic projection (each hemisphere 31.5 cm in diameter). California seems to be connected to the mainland, rather than appearing as an island, but the placement of the lettering slightly obscures the connection. The map in its first state, dated ,169, and dedicated to King Louis XIV, appears in (Antoine-)Hubert Jaillot's 1695 Atlas François. It was engraved by (Louis) Cordier. Shirley mentions states of the plate dated 1700 and 1706, but gives no locations; and Pastoureau still records the ,169, state in a copy of the 1700 edition of Jaillot's atlas. With title in a panel across the head, imprint in a decorative cartouche with mermaids and dolphins at the foot, and dedication to the (by this time deceased) King Louis XIV in a cartouche above, under the royal arms supported by 2 angels, 1 with a trumpet.
Jaillot and his heirs continued to publish his atlas with the 1700 date on the title-page for many years, and Pastoureau records copies with the Mappe-Monde, printed from the plate in the 1706 and the present 1719 states.
The original dedication to Louis XIV had conveniently said simply "Dedié au Roy" so after he died in 1715, leaving the government in the hands of the regents until Louis XV came of age in 1723, the revisors of the map let the dedication to the unnamed king stand.
The plate was apparently not revised again after 1719, but Jaillot's heirs continued to use it so that the map appears in their atlases for twenty years into the reign of Louis XV.
The literature records no copies of Jaillot's atlas later than 1738, but that date is based on the engraved date in one of the maps, so some copies recorded under that date may be somewhat later. The present copy of the "Mappe-Monde" is watermarked ,J (or I) [pillar topped by ,T,] DUPVY MOYEN|AUVERGNE 1742, = chaplet (cf. Heawood 238), and was formally bound with other maps from Jaillot's atlas with similar 1742 Dupuy watermarks, as well as other maps (with different watermarks) probably issued by Gilles Robert in the years 1742-1745.
From 1731 Jaillot's firm was in the hands of his grandson Bernard-Antoine (d. 1749). Still a good copy of an attractively decorated map of the world.
Reference: Cat. Nat. Mar. Mus. III, 240, map 70. Pastoureau, Jaillot II C-D, G & I map 1 (cf. map 1 in II A, E & F). Phillips & LeGear 534, map, this state not mentioned in Shirley (cf. 569). Lexikon Gesch. Kartographie, pp. 353-354 & 699-701.

53 MONATH, P.C. Typus Orbis Terrarum. Nuremberg, 1758. Coloured. Repair of lower part centerfold hardly affecting the engraved area. A good and dark impression. 250 x 290 mm.
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¤ Decorative world map showing California as an island after the second Sanson model. The figures in each corner symbolise the four continents.

54 JONGE, N. Globus terrestris, det er Jordens Klode forestillende Verdens IV Dele. Kopenhagen, 1759. In original colours. Paper slightly age-toned. In good condition. 163 x 244 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°16541 .

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¤ Rare double hemisphere world map printed in Copenhagen. Title and many names in Danish, from " Fra Holbergs Geographie". In lower part of the map depiction of geographical elements and an interesting outline for the Australian continent.

55 DESNOS, L.C. / DE MORNAS, B. Division Générale et Naturelle de la Terre, Suivant les Anciens. Paris, 1762. In original colours. Water stains in lower margin, just affecting printed border. In good condition. Dark impression. 385 x 540 mm.
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¤ Decorative chart showing the world as it was known by the ancients.
Left and right a box with geographical information about Europe, Asia and Africa.
Prepared by Buy de Mornas, who was a professor of geography and history and published by Louis Charles Desnos, active in Paris at rue St.Jacques.
From : Atlas Méthodique et Elémentaire de Géographie et d'Histoire Dédié a Monsieur Le Président Hénault...
Printed within a very decorative border frame (drawn and engraved by Martinet) entwined with garlands of leaves and flowers, including surveyors and draughtsman's tools e.g. triangles, compasses, rulers, telescopes, a map and globe, with a mythological figurehead crowned with leaves in top center, and the address of the publisher.
This edition with remarkable decorative borders found only in the deluxe edition.

56 HOMANN,J.B. World map. Nuremberg, 1780. In original o/l colours. Upper margin cut short. Overall in good condition. 240 x 280 mm.
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¤ Elaborately engraved double hemisphere map, showing California as an island. Taken from the rare Atlas methodicus explorandis juvenum profectibus in studio geographico ad methodum Hubnerianam accommodatus, a Johanne Baptista Homanno, Sacrae Caesareae Majestatis Geographo. Noribergae.
One of the earliest school atlases to use a system of letters on blank maps that are coded to a separate key list.
This method was based on a teaching system formulated by Johann Hubner (1668-1731) and adapted by Homann.
Johann Baptist Homann born in Kammlach (1663). He was engraver, map-seller and geographer to the Kaiser of the Holy Roman Empire (1715). He also was member of the Prussian Royal Academy of Science.

57 DE PAGE, P.M.F. Carte Reduite du globe Terrestre. . . Paris, ca 1782. Uncoloured. Several folds as issued. Repair of tear in the left hand side, 6 cm into the image. Upper left margin cut close to the border frame. Repair of marginal split, right border. 275 x 342 mm.
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¤ Fine world map in a Mercator projection. From Voyages autour du monde et vers les deux pôles par terre et par mer.. by Pierre Marie François vicomte de Pages (1748-1793).
Born of noble family, a French naval officer, Pierre Marie François de Pages, made a five-year voyage around the world, between 1767 and 1771. Subsequently he took part in a two year voyage to the South Pole, between 1773 and 1774.
Finally he made a trip to the North Pole in 1776. These voyages were recounted in his publication of 1782.

58 MONDHARE / NOLIN,J.B. Hémisphère Oriental ou Ancien Monde. Paris, 1783. In original o/l colours. Good and dark impression, printed on strong paper. Very good condition. 225 x 188 mm.
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¤ Two sheet, together a world map in double hemisphere published by Monhare for his Atlas Général a l'usage des colleges et maisons d'education.. The hemispheres are surrounded by the moon, sun, a sphere and celestial systems after Cassini. - Philips, Atlases 4297.

59 DESNOS / BRION Hémisphère Oriental.. Paris, 1786. In original colours. Marginal faint water stain along left & right borders. Restoration of marginal split, lower central fold. Minor Yellow spot affectinf the left text panel. Overall good condition. 282 x 481 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°24166 .

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¤ Map of the Eastern Hemisphere, including numerous exploration routes with notation of important recent discoveries.
Australia is partially mapped and then completed into an odd shape by hachures connecting Tasmania and New Guinea.
The map is flanked by two columns of French text containing geographical information about the continents depicted. Map and border were printed from two separate plates with the text on glued down sheets, as issued.
Prepared by Louis Brion de la Tour and published by Louis Charles Desnos, active in Paris at rue St.Jacques.
From Atlas Général et Élémentaire pour l'Etude de la Géographie et de l'Histoire moderne.

60 CLOUET, J.B.L.L'Abbe Mappemonde ou globe terestre Rouen, 1787. In original o/l colours. Backed with linen. Margins cut short to border line frame. 430 x 660 mm.
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¤ Uncommon world map with all the major early explorers. Jean Baptiste Louis Clouet (born 1730) was a member of the Academie Royale des Sciences de Rouen and the author of Geographie Moderne (1767).

61 WALCH,J. Karte der Erde.. Augsbourg, 1803. Coloured. Very minor discolouration along extra horizontal fold. 455 x 615 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°4642 .

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¤ Uncommon and detailed world map in double hemisphere. In upper corners insets of North- and South Pole projections. Detailed outline for Australia and New Zealand.

62 DE LAPORTE, L'Abbé. Mappe-Monde ou Description du Glôbe Terrestre . . . Paris, Prudhomme, Levrault, Debray, 1806. In original o/l colours. Some light spotting. A somewhat light impression. Else in good condition. 175 x 222 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°26969 .

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¤ Double hemisphere map with a curious shape for Australia, from Atlas moderne portatif composé de vingt-huit cartes sur toutes les parties du globe terrestre .. A l'usage des Colléges, des Pensions & des Maisons Religieuses, etc..
First published as Atlas Moderne ou Collection de Cartes in 1777, it was intended primarily for "la jeunesse des Colléges & des Pensions, des Maisons Religieuses, & toutes les personnes qui étudient ou enseignent la géographie," and the foreword, after noting the success of the first edition, says it has been improved with this clientele in mind. It went through at least six editions before the end of the century and at least three in the nineteenth century.
Many of the plates were revised during publication.

63 LEVASSEUR, V. Planisphère. Paris, 1845-1860. Limites en col. d'époque. Paper very slightly age-toned. In good condition. 295 x 410 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°29160 .

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¤ One of the last decorative maps of the area. In side panels representations of the four seasons. In original o.l. colour, from his "Atlas Universel Illustré". The map is presented on Mercator's projection and is surrounded by fine steel engravings including vignettes representing the four seasons, allegorical figures of the continents, several mythical figures, Adam and Eve and much else of interest. In North America, a very large Oregon appears on the west coast stretching from California into British Columbia. The vignettes are uncoloured, as issued.
Victor Levasseur's "Atlas National Illustre" and "Atlas Universel Illustre" are among the last great decorative atlases published.
This map comes from the Atlas National Illustre.

Hémisphères célèstes

64 HOMANN, J.B. Hemisphaerium Coeli Australe. . . Nuremberg, 1730. In original o/l colours. In very good condition. With later colour addition. 495 x 590 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°34250 .

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¤ Magnificent celestial chart drawn by the famous scientist Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr. Large circular charts of the southern hemisphere constellation, with decorative vignettes of celestial monsters and animals.
The tables along the sides identify and describe the constellations on the chart.

Doppelmayr was an astronomer of high repute. He was born at Nuremberg in 1671 and was educated at Halle University. He was a professor of mathematics in his native city for nearly fifty years, and for some time made a specialty of lunar observations' (Brown, Astronomical Atlases, Maps and Charts p. 51).
His reputation was such as to gain him memberships in the Academia Caesarea Leopoldina, the academies of Berlin and St. Petersburg, and the Royal Society of London . . . His major work is the Atlas novus coelestis . . .
Besides star charts and a selenographic map, Doppelmayr's Atlas includes diagrams illustrating the planetary systems of Copernicus, Tycho, and Riccioli. The elliptic theories of Kepler, Boulliau, Seth Ward, and Mercator. The lunar theories of Tycho, Horrocks, Newton and Halley's cometary theory.
The positions of the stars on the maps are correct for the year 1730.

65 SEUTTER,M. Planisphaerium Coeleste. Augsburg 1730. Col. Good and dark impression on sound paper. Slight discolouration along centerfold. Very good condition. 500 x 580 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°23295 .

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¤ Magnificent double hemisphere celestial chart showing the northern and southern sky with constellations in allegorical form derived from Hevelius.
A diagram in the upper left corner represents day and night on the earth with quotations from Genesis. The diagram at upper right shows the monthly orbit and illumination of the moon.
The five diagrams along the bottom represent the monthly orbit and illumination of the moon, and the planetary hypothesis of Tycho Brahe, Copernicus, Ptolemy, and the annual orbit of the sun and the seasons.
There is no engraver's imprint. Warner, The Sky Explored, page 245 #1.

Pôle nord

66 BLAEU, W. Regiones Sub Polo Arctico. Amsterdam, 1640. In attractive strong original colours. Very good condition. 410 x 530 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°28745 .

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¤ One of the many cases of duplication by the firms of Blaeu and Hondius/Jansson. In this case, Blaeu has copied Janssonius's map of 1637. It depicts rhumb lines radiating from the North Pole.
A large title cartouche, with two figures and numerous wind heads, conveniently hides the unknown northwest coast of America. The map is further decorated with several compass roses, ships and an additional cartouche that features men in parkas, a polar bear and foxes.

67 WIT, F. de. Poli Arctici et circumia centium terrarum descriptio.. Amsterdam, 1660. Beau col. ancien. In attractive original colours with wide margins. Several places underlaid due to oxidation of green part, no paper missing, overall in good condition. 430 x 488 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°1886 .

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¤ A re-issue of the Hondius' plate. A particularly decorative map of the North Pole. The toponamy in Canada reflects the continuing English quest for the Northwest Passage. In the four corners are vignette scenes depicting whaling.

68 MALLET, A.M. Decouverte de la Groenlande. Paris 1683. Uncoloured. Some age-toning of paper. Minor water staining along upper and right margin. Hardly noticeable brown spots in the center of the map. Else very good condition and dark imprint. 150 x 103 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°22569 .

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¤ An interesting miniature map centred on Iceland and outlining most part of Greenland. Northwest on top. It includes Norway and great part of the British Isles.
The sea is fully engraved and 4 ships are shown heading northwards to the Greenlandic Shores.
From the French text edition of Description d'Univers... By Allain Manneson Mallet (1630-1706), a well travelled military engineer and geographer who worked in 17th century France under King Louis XIV.

69 WALCH, J. [No Tittle] Nord pol. Augsburg, 1812. In original o/l colours. The paper has age-toning and light spotting. Dark impression. 186 x 186 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°29383 .

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¤ Nice small map of North pole by Johannes Walch in his rare Allgemeiner Atlas Nach den bewährsten Hülfsmitteln und astronomischen Ortsbestimungen…, edition of 1812.
Johann Walch (1757-1824) was cartographer and map publisher active in Augsburg, he was the son-in-law of Johann Martin Will whom he succeeded in 1806.
Tooley lists edition of this Allgemeiner Atlas of 1803, 1808 and 1816, but not this edition of 1812.

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