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34 VISSCHER, N. Novissima Totius Terrarum Orbis Tabula, Auctore Nicolao Visscher. Amsterdam, 1679. Col. Habiles restaurations notamment dans les marges, pli central consolidé, infimes traces de rousseurs. - Full colour, carefully restored at lower part centerfold. Generally in good condition. 430 x 535 mm.
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¤ Superbe et rare mappemonde attribuée à N. Visscher II, ornée de scènes représentant les différents signes du zodiac.

- Rare world map showing California as an island. This map may well have been produced by Nicolaas Visscher II. Geographically it is almost identical to the Visscher-Berchem map of 1658, the only difference being the reduced extent of Anian in the smaller north pole projection at the center top. The surrounding decoration is however quite different from Visscher's earlier map. In the corners are vivid scenes showing the various signs of the zodiac accompanied by cherubs and other heavenly figures. - Shirley, 486.

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35 HARREVELT,E.van/ CHANGUION,D.J. Mappe-Monde ou Description du Globe Terrestre. Amsterdam, 1773. In original colours. In very good condition. 252 x 375 mm.
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¤ Uncommon issue of thisvery nice map of the world in double hemisphere. With an incomplete coastline of Australia and north- west America. From "Atlas Portatif pour servir a l'intelligence de l'Histoire Philosophique et Politique des Etablissements Europe'ens dans les deux Indes". With French text in title cartouche.

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36 HOMANN,J.B. World map. Nuremberg, 1780. In original o/l colours. Upper margin cut short. Overall in good condition. 240 x 280 mm.
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¤ Elaborately engraved double hemisphere map, showing California as an island. Taken from the rare Atlas methodicus explorandis juvenum profectibus in studio geographico ad methodum Hubnerianam accommodatus, a Johanne Baptista Homanno, Sacrae Caesareae Majestatis Geographo. Noribergae.
One of the earliest school atlases to use a system of letters on blank maps that are coded to a separate key list.
This method was based on a teaching system formulated by Johann Hubner (1668-1731) and adapted by Homann.
Johann Baptist Homann born in Kammlach (1663). He was engraver, map-seller and geographer to the Kaiser of the Holy Roman Empire (1715). He also was member of the Prussian Royal Academy of Science.

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37 DE LAPORTE, L'Abbé. Mappe-Monde ou Description du Glôbe Terrestre . . . Paris, Prudhomme, Levrault, Debray, 1806. In original o/l colours. Some light spotting. A somewhat light impression. Else in good condition. 175 x 222 mm.
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¤ Double hemisphere map with a curious shape for Australia, from Atlas moderne portatif composé de vingt-huit cartes sur toutes les parties du globe terrestre .. A l'usage des Colléges, des Pensions & des Maisons Religieuses, etc..
First published as Atlas Moderne ou Collection de Cartes in 1777, it was intended primarily for "la jeunesse des Colléges & des Pensions, des Maisons Religieuses, & toutes les personnes qui étudient ou enseignent la géographie," and the foreword, after noting the success of the first edition, says it has been improved with this clientele in mind. It went through at least six editions before the end of the century and at least three in the nineteenth century.
Many of the plates were revised during publication.

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38 HERISSON Planisphère comprenant les nouvelles découvertes et les trois voyages de Cook . . . Paris, A.H. Basset, 1828. In attractive original o/l colours. Steel engraving, in very good condition. 350 x 420 mm.
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¤ Detailed map of planisphere projection of Mercator of the 3 voyages and discoveries of Captain Cook, prepared by Harisson and published by A. H. Basset, rue Saint-Jacques, no. 64, Paris and published in Atlas classique et Universel de Géographie . . . .
The engraver of the map was Berthe.

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39 LEVASSEUR, V. Planisphère. Paris, 1845-1860. Limites en col. d'époque. Paper very slightly age-toned. In good condition. 295 x 410 mm.
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¤ One of the last decorative maps of the area. In side panels representations of the four seasons. In original o.l. colour, from his "Atlas Universel Illustré". The map is presented on Mercator's projection and is surrounded by fine steel engravings including vignettes representing the four seasons, allegorical figures of the continents, several mythical figures, Adam and Eve and much else of interest. In North America, a very large Oregon appears on the west coast stretching from California into British Columbia. The vignettes are uncoloured, as issued.
Victor Levasseur's "Atlas National Illustre" and "Atlas Universel Illustre" are among the last great decorative atlases published.
This map comes from the Atlas National Illustre.

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