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Globes & Instuments

Location: 1655
Amsterdam, 1655 - 195 x 470 mm.
Willem Blaeu's guide to the making of globes, first published in 1620, here reprinted by his son, Joan.The book consists of two parts; volume I : Astronomical principles of celestial and terrestrial g..
Location: 1762
Paris, 1762 - 385 x 540 mm.
Decorative map of the world on a globe.Left and right a box with information's about the terrestrial globe.Prepared by Buy de Mornas, who was a professor of geography and history and published by Loui..
Location: 1867
London, January 1, 1867 - 1080 x 600 mm.
A very impressive Victorian 20-inch Library globe on a exceptionally carved mahogany tripod stand with scrolling acanthus legs erminating in claw feet joined by turned stretchers centered by a compass..
Location: 1885
Paris, 1885 - 1120 x 600 mm.
Attractive and large (height 112cm) library globe by a prominent Paris globe maker, with brass meridian circle, horizon ring and hour ring, supported by four brass quadrants on elegant baluster turned..
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