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65     ROBERT DE VAUGONDY, G. Partie de la Mer du Nord. ( Paris, 1750) Limites en col. ancien. Petite tache brune dans la mer, léger offset de la couleur sur la partie droite. 480 x 515 mm.

200 - 250 €
Adjugé pour 280 €

The coast of Venezuela from Cartagena to Cumana is also included. In the right upper corner a decorative title cartouche. - Sponberg Pedley, Bel et utile, 476.

66     RIZZI ZANNONI, G. A. Carte Géo-Hydrographique du Golfe du Mexique et de ses Isles. ( Paris, Lattré, ca. 1780) Limites en col. ancien. Légèrement jauni le long du pli central avec quelques brunissures. 315 x 450 mm.

200 - 300 €
Adjugé pour 100 €

In "Atlas moderne ou collection de cartes...". Carte N° 34.



68     HALLEWELL, E.G. (Panorama des Bermudes) . ( Ca. 1846) Col. ancien. Lithographie coloriée et rehaussée de gomme arabique à l'époque. Découpée au pourtour et doublée de papier, rousseurs, 2 éraflures avec petit manque au milieu de la litho. - Finely coloured lithograph heightened with gum Arabic. Trimmed and backed with paper, slight foxing, tear of 3cm in left hand part, two tears (2cm.) in center of print, some small loss of image in right hand part, re-drawn. Paper crack in upper right part of print. Good impression. Sold as is. 225 x 405 mm.

200 - 350 €
Adjugé pour 650 €

¤ Rarissime vue des Bermudes (d'une suite de 13) réalisée par le Lieutenant E.G. Hallewell, alors en garnison aux Bermudes, et dont il ne subsiste que peu d'exemplaires.
- No title. Panoramic view on the island of Bermuda, with locals on the forground taken after Hallewell.
Edmund Gilling Hallewell (1822 – 1869), who was well known as ‘Lieut: & Adjt XX Regt.,’ was commissioned in 1839, in the 20th or East Devons. This battalion was part of the Bermuda garrison between 1846-47.
Hallewell was an unsuccessful candidate for the "New Society of Painters in Watercolours" in 1850, by which time he was a captain in the 20th Regiment.
He gained his majority in 1854, transferred to the 28th or North Gloucestershire and served in the Crimea as Deputy Acting Quartermaster General of the Light Division at Alma, Inkerman and Sebastopol.
Promoted to colonel in 1860 and retired from active service in 1864. In 1869, the year of his early death, he was Commandant of Sandhurst. He lived at Stroud in England, and between 1850 and 1853 exhibited landscapes in the Royal Academy, British Institution and at the Society of British Artists.
This is one from a set of 13 plates of Bermuda views, and were executed as a test of the surveying skills of young military officers. They give a fascinating impression of the island at a key point in its history. Little did Hallewell know at the time that his sketches would end up a century later as prized lithographs (and that 144 years later, a rare set of 13 plates of his lithographs, one of only 50 sets in existence, would be sold at Sotheby's in London for 30,800 pounds (then over US$60,000).

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69     COVENS, J. / MORTIER, C. Carte de l'Isle de Saint Domingue Dressée en 1722 pour l'usage du Roy. ( Amsterdam c. 1745) Limites en col. ancien. Bel exemplaire sur papier fort. - Printed on heavy paper, slightly age-toned as usual. Good impression. Very good condition. 485 x 615 mm.

450 - 500 €
Adjugé pour 400 €

¤ Large, detailed map of the island of Hispaniola embellished with a charming title cartouche and 2 compass roses. Shows the south eastern-most part of Cuba.
The map is from a Dutch edition of De L'Isle's work entitled, Atlas Nouveau, Contenant Toutes Les Parties Du Monde, Ou sont exactement Remarquées les Empires, Monarchies, Royaumes, Etats, Republiques &c. Par Guillaume de l'Isle. Premier Géographe de sa Majesté. It was published by Covens and Mortier, brothers-in-law who continued the firm established by Pierre Mortier.

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70     ROBERT DE VAUGONDY, G. Isles Saint Domingue ou Hispaniola, et de la Martinique. ( Paris, 1750) Limites en col. ancien. Infimes rousseurs, petite tache brune dans la mer. 480 x 515 mm.

150 - 200 €
Adjugé pour 150 €

¤ En carton : Isle de la Martinique. - Sponberg Pedley, Bel et utile, 480.

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71     SENEX, J. A new map of the English Empire in the Ocean. ( Londres, 1721) Col. 2 manques de papier dans la carte restaurés, plusieurs petites déchirures au pourtour jusque dans la carte, papier bruni et doublé. - Two large holes in the map restored, several marginal tears running into the engraved area. Backed with tissue paper. (Sold as is) 505 x 604 mm.

250 - 450 €
Adjugé pour 220 €

¤ Carte des Antilles britanniques comprenant la Jamaïque, les Bermudes, les Barbades, Antigua, St Christophe et Tobago.
- This fine English map of the islands Jamaica, Bermuda, Barbados, Antigua, St.Christopher, Tobago and a inset map of the Caribbean in top. John Senex's "A New General Atlas of the World" was, strangely. the only early 18th century English attempt at emulating the success of the French and Dutch mapmakers' folio atlases. Other London mapmakers concentrated on very large, or very small format atlases, separate issues or chart books; whereas Senex produced his maps in folio format.

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