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Continent asiatique


91 ORTELIUS, A. Asiae Nova Descriptio. Anvers, ca. 1570. Col. Fente sur 5 cm en bas du pli central. Impression un peu faible. - Split of 5 cm lower part centerfold. Impression slightly faded. 370 x 494 mm.

500 - 600 €
Adjugé pour 500 €

¤ Ortelius' fine map of Asia well represents the continent at a time when Europeans were expanding their power in the far east. The Indian subcontinent and Malaysian peninsula are easily recognizable. Ceylon and Sumatra are correctly placed. The Philippines are distorted and Japan is too far north and incorrectly orientated, with the embryonic outline of the three main islands and with the Ryukus and Taiwan appearing as a tail of islands to the south of the archipelago. - Van den Broecke, Ortelius Atlas maps, 7.

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92 SANSON, N. Asie. Paris, Mariette, 1650. Beau col. ancien. Rousseurs, pâles mouillures, fente en bas du pli central (sans manque), déchirure renforcée anciennement (sur 5 cm à l'intérieur du cuivre) dans la partie gauche. Bordures et cartouches coloriés à l'époque. - Paper slightly age toned, split in lower part centerfold, minor water staining and brown spotting. Repair of split in left part, 5 cm into engraved area. 390 x 553 mm.

300 - 400 €
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¤ Carte d'Asie gravée par A. Peyrounin, avec les bordures et cartouches coloriés à l'époque. - The extensive northern landmass of Jesso, stretching across the whole North Pacific. Map of Asia with scale borders and title-cartouches brightly coloured at the time of publication. The map is engraved by Peyrounin.
The colouring is uncommon, curious and very decorative. - Sweet, Mapping the continent of Asia, 43

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93 L'ISLE, G. de. / COVENS & MORTIER. L'Asie divisée en ses Principales Regions. Amsterdam, ca. 1757. Limites en col. d'époque. Légèrement froissée au centre, petit accroc au milieu du pli central. 465 x 580 mm.

200 - 300 €
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¤ This is an updated re-issue of de L'Isle's map of 1723. The new developments reflect the finding of Bering's second expedition, and in particular, the reconnaissance's of Martin Spanberg who, in 1738, sailed out from Kamchatka to Japan. - Sweet, Mapping the continent of Asia, 149

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