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Continent asiatique

199 MÜNSTER,S. Die länder Asie nach irer gelegenheit biss in Indiam werden in diser tafel verzeichnet. Basle, c.1550. Uncoloured. Wood block printed map. Very good condition. 256 x 343 mm.
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¤ One of the first European maps of Asia. Although quite crude, Münster's map does significantly improve upon the Ptolemaic model for the area. The coast of China begins to emerge in recognizable form, although Japan is not shown yet.
Münster's highly important map of Asia, a veritable masterpiece of Renaissance cartography Münster's India Extrema, XIX, Nova Tabula is a very elegant map, that embraces most of Asia, from the Persian Gulf to the Far East.
Although largely based on Ptolemy's ancient template, it includes some advancements gleaned from recent Portuguese discoveries. The outlines of the Indian subcontinent, between the Indus and the Ganges rivers begins to take a recognizable form, with "Zaylon" (Sri Lanka) correctly appearing as its own island.
The Portuguese outpost of Goa and Calicut, the first place where Vasco da Gama landed in 1497, are depicted. Further to the east "Taprobana" (the name Ptolemy gave to Sri Lanka) is also designated as "Sumatra.". On the adjacent Malay Peninsula is the important trading port of "Malaqua" (Malacca). Java is also portrayed, but is depicted as two separate islands. "Moloca" (The Moluccas), the Spice Islands that were a major point of contention between Spain and Portugal are shown.
The resolution of the dispute was the official purpose of Magellan's epic circumnavigation. The depiction of "Cathay" (China) is shown to be largely predicated on Venetian lore. The seas to the south of the map are adorned with a large sea monster and a mermaid with a bifurcated tail.

200 JANSSONIUS,J. Asia recens summa cura delineata. Amsterdam, 1632. Coloured. Paper slightly age toned. Some shine-thru of text on verso. Very good condition. 410 x 550 mm.
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¤ This is the rare early issue with decorative paneled borders. In upper border views and plans of Famagusta, Rhodos, Damascus, Jerusalem, Aden and Ormus. Originally engraved with plans of 6 towns at the top and bottom, c1630, this edition was printed after the lower border had been cut off (in order to fit more conveniently into the standard folio atlas of the time).
Five panels on each side show figures in national costume. Only issued in a few editions of the Mercator/Hondius/Janssonius atlas. Schilder, Mon. Cart. VI, Map 23.4; Koeman-K. I, Kte. 8000: 1C.2.

201 ROSSI, G.G. Descritione delli principati della Moldavia e Valachia / tolta da Giacomo Cantelli da Vignola. Rome, 1686. In original o/l colours. Good and dark impression. 418 x 540 mm.
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¤ Scarce map of the region between the confluence of the Danube, Nistru and Dnieper Rivers along the Black Sea - present-day Ukraine and Romania. Excellent detail throughout.
Large and decorative title and dedication cartouches.
The engraver was Francesco Donia. ¤

202 ROSSI, G.G. ALBANIA Propria ouero Superiore detta anche MACEDONIA OCCIDENTALE. . . Rome, 1689. In original o/l colours. Good and dark impression. 544 x 430 mm.
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¤ Scarce Vignola's map of Albania, with decorative cartouches for the title (bottom left) and dedication (top right). The well educated humanist Giacomo Cantelli da Vignola was among Italian cartographers who achieved a modern approach to the elaboration of maps including more accurate contemporary information.

203 DELISLE, G. L'Asie. Dressee sur les observations de l'Academie [Royale] des Sciences et quelques autres, et sur les memoires les plus recens. Par G. de l'Isle, Geographe. A Paris, chez l'Auteur Rue des Canettes préz de St. Sulpice. . . Paris, 1700. In original o/l colours. A good and strong impression. Paper slightly spotted. Else in very good condition. 450 x 584 mm.
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¤ A first edition of this important map of Asia, by Guillaume Delisle with his address "Rue des Canettes". . Title cartouche by: N. Guerard, inv. et fecit.
This map is typical for Guillaume de L'Isle cartography where the coastline of north eastern Siberia between Novaya Zemlya and Terre de Yeco is left blank. Notable for depiction of Hokkaido, here called "Terre D'Yeco" and joined to the mainland.
With "Terre de la Compagnie". DeLisle is important as the first "scientific" cartographer who incorporated the most current information on exploration and topography into his maps.

The map is of interest for the use of "Mer Orientale", the sea between Korea and Japan.

Guillaume De L’Isle’s first printing shop was established on the "Rue des Canettes pres de St. Sulpice" in Paris. This address appears only on editions of maps dated 1700-1707. This celestial globe dated 1700 is one of the few examples of maps and globes who were printed at the "Rue des Canettes" shop. Most examples of his work were issued from the address where De L’Isle moved in 1707, the "Quai de L’Horloge".
A map of Piedmont dated 1707 informs us that by that date De L'Isle had moved to the "Quai de l'Horloge à la Couronne de Diamans". The latest date on a map found bearing this address is January 1708.
In early 1708 De L'Isle changed the sign over the shop to "à l'Aigle d'Or", the golden eagle.
In 1718 he ads his newly received title "Premier Geographe du Roy" to his address. Sweet, Mapping of the continent of Asia, map 85.

204 AA, P. VAN DER Carte marine de la mer Caspienne avec toutes ses Bayes Rivieres et Havres, dressée sur les observations des plus habiles Navigateurs,. . . Leiden, 1710. In attractive strong colours. In mint condtition. 290 x 352 mm.
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¤ Strikingly engraved and attractive map of the Caspian Sea, showing major towns, ports, etc. Large decorative cartouche and compass rose.

205 CHATELAIN,H. Nouvelle carte de l'Asie avec des tables.. Amsterdam, 1719. Uncoloured. Vertical and horizontal folds as issued. Re-inforcements of minor paper thinness along right vertical fold. Else good condition. 465 x 582 mm.
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¤ Chatelain's map of Asia. The title is in two lines across the map. On each side border appears an index to the map's contents.
From Chatelain's Atlas Historique et Méthodique .

206 BONNART, H. Emir Fechrredin prince des Drus. Paris, ca. 1740. Uncoloured. Margins cut close. Very good condition. 235 x 175 mm.
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¤ Engraving published by Nicolas Bonnart (c.1637 - 1718), engraver in Augsburg since 1719. Before the nineteenth century portraits of rulers in the Islamic Middle East were a rarity.

207 TARDIEU, P.F. Carte de la mer d'Azof et d'une partie de la Mer Noire. Paris, 1783. In original colours. In good condition. Paper very slightly age-toned. 187 x 450 mm.
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¤ Engraved map of the Crimean Peninsula with the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov in Russia.
From the Atlas Volume of "Histoire physique, morale, civile et politique de la Russie Ancienne" by N. G. Le Clerc.
Engraved by P.F.Tardieu.

208 GULDENSTAEDT, J.A. Carte de la Mer Caspienne dressée en 7bre 1776 d'après des derniers observations par D.Guldenstaedt. Paris, ca. 1785. Uncoloured. In very good condition. 260 x 152 mm.
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¤ Detailed of the Caspian Sea, prepared by Jean Antoine Guldenstaedt (1745-1781), who was a Russian naturalist and physician, born in Riga. His map of the Caspian Sea is one of the earliest detailed maps of this region. Engraved by P.F. Tardieu (1757-1822) who was active in Paris.

209 BRUE, A-H. Carte physique et politique de l'Asie. Paris 1837. In original o/l colours. Good condition. 570 x 870 mm.
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¤ Detailled map of Asie.

210 WINKLES, H. / TALIS, J. Black sea. London, 1850. In original o/l colours. Very good condition. 235 x 310 mm.
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¤ Very detailed and decorative map with six black and white vignette illustrations.
This is an attractive engraved map, one of the John Tallis maps published by The London Printing and Publishing Company. Features vignette illustrations of Sebastopol, Varna, Odessa, Sinope, Silistra, and Constantinople.
Engraved by H.Winkles.

211 TALLIS, J. / THE LONDON PRINTING AND PUBLISHING COMPANY The Crimea. London, 1858. In original o/l colours. Very good condition. 250 x 325 mm.
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¤ Decorative steel engraved map of the Crimea. The last Tallis map of Crimea, published circa 1858 by The London Printing and Publishing Company (the partnership of John Tallis and Ephraim Tipton Brain).
The Illustrations and engraving by J Rapkin and H.Winckles. The Map was drawn and engraved by John Rapkin.

John Tallis a London publisher was one of the most popular cartographers of the 19th Century. He became famous for the very accurate and visually appealing maps that featured the extensive use of vignette views from around the World and ornamental perimeter engraving.
Principal engraver and mapmaker to John Tallis was John Rapkin, renowned for his extraordinary artistic and engraving skills. Between them they produced many books of travel and exploration.

212 LEMERCIER. (Vue générale du théatre de la guerre d'Orient) dans la province de Kerson. Paris, Wild, c.1865. In original colours. Lithography on tinted grounds. Upper and lower margin cut off, shaving text in title and key. 195 x 294 mm.
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¤ Panoramic View of Nicolaieff and Kerson Bay in the Ukraine. Including a numbered key (1-46) in lower part, mentioning all place names.
Published by Wild, rue de la Banque 15 près la Bourse, in Paris.

213 DEMEULE, M. Asie. France, Elbeuf, 1879. In original colours. Manuscript in pen and brown ink with wash colour, on paper. 305 x 432 mm.
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¤ Manuscript map made by miss Marie Demeule, dated Elbeuf 1879. Elbeuf is a town within the Upper Normandy region in France.
In the 19th century many students, and quite often young girls, produced manuscript atlases. These maps and atlases allowed them to show their drawing scales and are made at the end of their study. Decorated with a nice title cartouche in lower right showing a fasan.
The continet is filled with elegantly drawn regional names and the "Empire Chinois", is devided in Chine, Mongolie and Tibet.

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