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Location: 1550
Basle, c.1550 - 256 x 343 mm.
One of the first European maps of Asia. Although quite crude, Münster's map does significantly improve upon the Ptolemaic model for the area. The coast of China begins to emerge in recognizable form, ..
Location: 1564
Basle, ca. 1564 - 125 x 155 mm.
RECTO: A panoramic view of the city of Groningen dated 1573.VERSO: a woodcut of a cow, a bull and their calf.Taken from Sebastian Munster's encyclopedic work, the "Cosmographia Universalis". The Cosm..
Location: 1552
Bâle, H. Petri, 1552 - 252 x 357 mm.
Figure dans l'édition française de la "Cosmographie Universelle" de S. Münster. En haut, à gauche, un cartouche orné comprend la légende en français. En bas à droite, figure le monogramme du graveur "..
Location: 1575
Bâle, ca. 1575 - 280 x 190 mm.
On recto an early representation of a palm tree (73x47 mm). On verso a representation of the city of Mecca (59x63 mm).From a French text edition of his Cosmographia , that great compendium of Renaissa..
Location: 1588
Bâle, c.1588 - 305 x 358 mm.
A famous wood block map of the Near East, including Cyprus, Palestine, Iran and Iraq, etc. From his "Cosmographia", that great compendium of Renaissance knowledge. In 1588 new woodcuts were prepared f..
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