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ANONYME. - Fernando De Noronho. [Fernando de Noronha].

ANONYME. -  Fernando De Noronho. [Fernando de Noronha].
ANONYME. - Fernando De Noronho. [Fernando de Noronha].
Published: Brazil c.1750
Size: 300 x 460mm.
Color: In attactive original colours.
Condition: Paper very slightly age-toned. Pen and ink on paper.


English manuscript map on paper of a bay on Fernando de Noronha. Many names in English, to the lower left This draft is extremely Erroneous.
Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, midway from South America to Africa, around 220 miles (354 km) away from the Brazilian coast. It is a special municipality (distrito estatal) of the Brazilian state of Pernambuco.
The first to actually describe the island was Amerigo Vespucci, who traveled with a Portuguese expedition to Brazil in the year 1503. In 1534, the Fernando de Noronha Archipelago was invaded by the English, and from 1556 until 1612, it was held by the French. In 1628, it was invaded by the Dutch, who were displaced two years later by a Spanish-Portuguese military expedition led by Rui Calaza Borges. The Dutch occupied the island once again in 1635, making it a hospital for its troops which occupied Northeastern Brazil. The island became known as Pavonia, in honor of Michiel de Pauw, one of the directors of the Dutch West Indies Company ( W.I.C. ). It would remain under Dutch control for nearly twenty years, when it was reconquered by Portugal. ¤
A rare example of a manuscript sea chart, probably from the Thames School, with intriguing early annotations, perhaps used in the offices of the British Navy.
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