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Location: 1650
Germany ?, c. 1650 - 430 x 349 mm.
Probably by the Vienna astronomer Melchior Klayber who used the Copernican precession theory, which is closely connected with the chart (Ptolemy - 6° 40' and Ptolemy - 55° epoche).In counting the tota..
Location: 1750
ca. 1750 - 800 x 560 mm.
Finely engraved plan of Rheims...
Location: 1720
Ca. 1720 - 280 x 458 mm.
Plan manuscrit figurant vraisemblablement la ville et citadelle de Valenciennes. Le carton en haut à droite est resté vide...
Location: 1753
Paris 1753 - 232 x 381 mm.
So-called optical print illustrating a perspective view of St James's Palace, Pall Mall. The gatehouse of St James's Palace is on the left.In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries there were many po..
Location: 1600
Rome, ca. 1600 - 398 x 510 mm.
First state before imprint of Jacobus de Rubeis. A rare view of Ancient Rome from the Lafreri-School in the style of Ambrogio Brambilla's view of about 1575. Reference : Bifolco,S./ Ronca, F.: Cartog..
Location: aris
Paris - 143 x 93 mm.
Portrait of Antoine François Prevost (1697 – 1763), engraved by Ficquet after a design of F.Schmidt.Prevost was born at Hesdin, Artois, and first appears with the full name of Prévost d'Exiles, in a l..
Location: 1790
Lyon, Bruyset Père & Fils, 1790 - 130 x 170 mm.
Atlas for the children with 24 maps of the World and continents and maps of European countries. Size of the maps: 13x17cm size of the binding: 17x11x3cm.With fine engraved allegorical frontispiece, an..
Location: 1710
Paris, circa 1710 - 283 x 360 mm.
Joli plan de Béthune et ses environs, avec table de 8 renvois. Publié "Chez le Sr. Inselin Geographe Sur le Quay des Morfondus via à vis l'Orloge du Palais"...
Location: 1900
Paris, ca. 1900 - 560 x 750 mm.
Colourful advertisement of the famous French cookie brand LU.The Lefèvre-Utile Biscuit Co. Was a baker and cookie maker founded in Nantes, France in 1846 by Jean-Romain Lefèvre. Today it is known as L..
Location: 1772
France, ca. 1772 - 175 x 303 mm.
Among the allegorical maps of early modern times, those relating to romantic attachments, sexual relationships and marriage have long excited curiosity among students of literature and the history of ..
Location: 1880
Paris, Imprimerie Couroux, ca. 1880 - 650 x 1000 mm.
This railroad map has been increased, it now shows geological deposits and minerals. It includes a handwritten color legend indicating 17 different deposits reported and colored on the map: hard limes..
Location: 1856
Paris, 1856 - 505 x 715 mm.
Detailed map of the Chambery area...
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