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Holy Land

Location: 1664
Amsterdam, 1664 - 320 x 480 mm.
Very attractive map, showing the location of Paradise. Two vignettes depict the Temptation of Adam and Eve, and their Expulsion from the Garden of Eden. Nicolaes Visscher was one of the sons of Claes ..
Location: 1673
Antwerpen, Michiel Cnobbaert, 1673 - 185 x 125 mm.
Decorative picture of three dervishes dancers. Their whirling dance, also known as the sema, is a serious religious ritual performed by Muslim priests in a prayer trance to Allah of this Turkish sect...
Location: 1682
Amsterdam, 1682 - 355 x 462 mm.
A beautifully engraved map of the ancient land of Canaan which roughly corresponds to present-day Israel. Cherubs hold up a draped cloth of key symbols, also a scale panel in the sea area and below ar..
Location: 1696
Wustius & Andrae, Frankfurt am Main, 1696 - 355 x 210 mm.
Book (tome. VI) illustrated with 3 folding maps and 9 copper-plate Biblical engravings by the German master Joseph à Montalegre, including the rare map of the double-hemisphere world.The world map Ben..
Location: 1750
Paris, 1750 - 480 x 585 mm.
Map of Judee including a map of "terre de Canaan"...
Location: 1783
Paris, ca 1783 - 685 x 492 mm.
Map of the Holy Land on both sides of the Jordan, divided among the Tribes and according to the division into provinces at the Roman time. The shore line runs from Sidon as far as Gaza.Ornated with a ..
Location: 1789
Vienna, 1789 - 570 x 370 mm.
Large map of Yemen from "Allgemeiner grosser Atlas" published by P. J. Schalbacher - 1786-1800. Based on the observations of the Danish explorer Carsten Niebuhr and shows the eastern shore of the Red ..
Location: 1797
Paris, 1797 - 491 x 650 mm.
Fine map of Palestine divided among the tribes on both sides of the Jordan and according to the Roman provinces. The shore line runs from Beirut to the rivers of Egypt. Prepared by l'Isle and pub..
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