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Location: 1686
Paris, 1686 - 100 x 123 mm.
A nice map showing the Turkish Empire, including an inset map of kingdom of Alger. Extending from Italy and the Eastern Mediterranean in the west to the Caspian Sea and Persia in the East and from the..
Location: 1710
Leiden, 1710 - 290 x 352 mm.
Strikingly engraved and attractive map of the Caspian Sea, showing major towns, ports, etc. Large decorative cartouche and compass rose...
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Location: 1785
Paris, ca. 1785 - 260 x 152 mm.
Detailed of the Caspian Sea, prepared by Jean Antoine Guldenstaedt (1745-1781), who was a Russian naturalist and physician, born in Riga. His map of the Caspian Sea is one of the earliest detailed ma..
Location: 1862
Paris, 1862 - 455 x 610 mm.
Detailed map of Malaysia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, and good detail in Philippines. Lower part of a 2-sheet map...
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