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Location: 1638
Paris, 1638 - 403 x 550 mm.
Very rare map including Bayonne and Dax in the south west of France. With inset plan of "Plan de la ville Dax.". Engraved by Henri le Roy. Another state exists with the address "Chez F. DLa Pointe su..
Location: 1642
Paris, 1642 - 381 x 497 mm.
A decorative map of Principauté de Sedan prepared by Jean Boisseau. The address mentions "A Paris chez I.Boisseau, Enlumineur du Roy pour les Cartes Geographiques, en l'île du Palais, à la Royalle Fon..
Location: 1645
Paris, ca. 1645 - 395 x 520 mm.
Very rare map of the suburbs of Paris, produced and edited "By Jean Boisseau Enlumineur du Roy for Geographical Maps on the Pont au Change In Paris". Stretches from west to east, from Poissy to Nogent..
Location: 1646
Paris, 1646 - 250 x 715 mm.
From "Théâtre des Citez", one of the rarest French collections of views. The master engraver H. Picart was appointed to engrave the plates in 1641. By 1648 he engraved a total of 28 views of France an..
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