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Location: 1580
Cologne, 1580 - 335 x 480 mm.
Four panoramic views on one sheet: the upper approximately two-thirds of this double page sheet contains a fine panoramic view of Calicut which is on the west coast of India in Kerala. An elephant wit..
Location: 1572
Cologne, ca. 1572 - 340 x 480 mm.
Plan en élévation. En haut à gauche, les armes de Paris surmontent un cartouche orné contenant le titre. En bas à gauche un personnage masculin habillé à la mode des années 1560 -1570, salue deux dame..
Location: 1572
Cologne, ca. 1572 - 340 x 485 mm.
Beautiful and early town-plan of Paris with title cartouche and figures in the foreground. The Bastille is shown at the upper center of the engraving and the Notre-Dame cathedral is on the eastern end..
Location: 1590
Germany, c.1590 - 335 x 498 mm.
Four pen and ink with watercolour views of - Novesium vulgo Neus urbs ubiorum Rhenana Aº. Dm M.D.L.XXV ad viuum delineata. (10,5 x 46 cm)- Verona, nunc Bonna, Communiter, Bonn Oppidum Supra Coloniam A..
Location: 1590
Cologne, 1590 - 335 x 485 mm.
Precise, beautiful bird's-eye view of Venice, clearly depicting the city's architectural landmark. The surrounding lagoon is animated with a great variety of sailing vessels. At bottom center is a pro..
Location: 1575
Cologne, 1575 - 315 x 350 mm.
Vue à vol d'oiseau figurant Marseille publiée dans "Civitates Orbis Terrarum". Edition latine. Ornée d'une table de renvois A-X et de 2 personnages en costume d'époque...
Location: 1598
Cologne, 1598 - 355 x 455 mm.
Vue à vol d'oiseau de Saintes avec la Charente au premier plan. Texte en latin au verso...
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