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Johann Baptist Homann was a German geographer and cartographer. He was educated as a Jesuit and destined for an ecclesiastical career, but converted to Protestantism and then worked as a notary in Nuremberg. He founded a publishing business there in 1702, and published his first atlas in 1707, becoming a member of the Academy of Sciences in Berlin in the same year. He was appointed Imperial Geographer to Charles VI in 1715, and produced his great work the following year, 'Grosser Atlas uber die ganze Welt'.

Location: 1740
Nuremberg, 1740 - 485 x 577 mm.
Baroque period world map in double hemispheres showing the shapes of land masses exactly calculated from astronomical observations. Roundel vignettes show cherubs making the observations and the instr..
Location: 1705
Nuremberg, 1705 - 483 x 572 mm.
The world centred around the North Pole is depicted on the dial of a beautiful full size mantle-piece clock with California as an island with rounded northern coastline and also with Japan included. C..
Location: 1780
Nuremberg, 1780 - 477 x 555 mm.
Detailed map of eastern Europe, including the towns of Berlin, Breslau, the river Donau from Budapest to Regensburg, with Czech Republic in the center...
Location: 1720
Nuremberg, 1720 - 480 x 570 mm.
Map of Brittany with inset plan of Brest. Third state, without privilege...
Location: 1720
Nuremberg, ca. 1720 - 482 x 574 mm.
Troisième état, non datée et sans privilège. Ornée d'un cartouche de titre et d'un plan de la ville de Brest...
Location: 1740
Nuremberg, c.1740 - 380 x 270 mm.
Stunning full portrait of the Imperial Geographer of the Holy Roman Empire, Johann Baptist Homann (1664-1724) who was born in the Bavarian town of Kammlach. Educated at a Jesuit school, he eventually ..
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