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Location: 1730
Augsbourg, ca. 1730 - 385 x 1035 mm.
A large-scale panoramic town-view of Lisbon, with legends in Latin and German, numbered from 1-72, along the bottom of the print identifying important sites and buildings.Published by Georg Balthasar ..
Location: 1750
Augsbourg, 1750 - 268 x 398 mm.
A so-called optical print of Fatahillah Square in Jakarta, Indonesia, prepared for use in a light-box or an amusing light-show. This richly hand coloured print is much perforated, windows are cut out,..
Location: 1750
Augsbourg, ca. 1750 - 340 x 1080 mm.
Spectaculaire panorama de Marseille légendé en allemand, latin et français de 1 à 33. D'après un dessin de Friedrich Bernhard Werner (1690-1776), gravé par Johan Fridrich Leizel et publié à Augsbourg ..
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