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SANSON, N. - La Guinee. . .

SANSON, N. -  La Guinee. . .
SANSON, N. - La Guinee. . .
Date: Paris, P. Mariette, 1667
Size: 165 x 305 mm.
Colouring: In original o/l colours.
Condition: Paper age toned. Dark impression.


Map of Guinea and Africa's Gold coast prepared by N.Sanson and published by Pierre Mariette.
Published in an early edition of the small Sanson atlas L'Europe Dediée a Monseigneur . . . Le Tellier Secret. D'Estat &c."The atlas proved popular and the maps were imitated by Johann Zunners in Frankfurt (1679) and by Joannes Ribbius and François Halma (1682-1730s). The map offered here is the first plate with the address of Pierre Mariette, but with the date removed. Engraved by A.Peyrounin.
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  • Reference N°: 25226