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Location: 1778
Augsburg, J.M.Will, 1778 - 195 x 257 mm.
Miniature map of Africa, a reduction of the Seutter folio map based on Homann's cartography of 1715. Very detailed - much of it fictitious. The Nile is shown not only originating in twin lakes, but al..
Location: 1730
Nüremberg, ca. 1730 - 570 x 490 mm.
Ornée dans la partie sup. gauche d'un cartouche de titre décrivant une scène pittoresque corse, en haut à droite d'une description, en bas à gauche des armoiries de la Corse et à droite d'une échelle...
Location: 1730
Augsburg, 1730 - 495 x 580 mm.
Fine example of Seutter's decorative and highly detailed plan of Milan, with a striking panoramic view of the City below. ¤Matthaus Seutter the elder first published his "Atlas Geographicus" in 1720 a..
Location: 1750
Augsburg, 1750 - 557 x 487 mm.
A very decorative double hemisphere celestial chart, centered on the North and South Poles, with smaller circular diagrams illustrating the theories of Tycho, Ptolemy, Landsbergen and Copernicus, two ..
Location: 1740
Augsbourg, 1740 - 486 x 565 mm.
The map is based on Englebert Kaempfer's map of 1727. It shows a much distorted outline for the Island of Japan and a wonderful decorative cartouche top left. The map was engraved by Tobias Conrad Lot..
Location: 1750
Augsburg, ca. 1750 - 555 x 370 mm.
A made-to-order atlas based on his "Atlas Novus sive Tabulae Geographicae". Matthaus Seutter the elder first published his "Atlas Geographicus" in 1720 and added to the contents in subsequent editions..
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