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25 NIEUHOF, J. An embassy from the East-India Company of the United Provinces, to the Grand Tartar Cham, Emperor of China deliver'd by their excellencies, Peter de Goyer and Jacob de Keyzer, at his imperial city of Peking.. London : Printed by the Author at his house in White-Friers, 1673. Folio. 327, 18, 106pp. engraved frontis page, folding map of China and plan of Canton, 18 full page & 93 text page copper etchings, interior slightly browned and spotted. 395 x 265 mm.
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¤ FIRST ENGLISH TEXT EDITION of this most important and early resource on China and the Chinese. Three parts in one folio by John Macock for the author. Part I: An Embassy. Part II: A narrative of the success of an embassage sent by John Maatzuyker de Badem. Part III: Appendix or […] out of Athasius Kircher his antiquities of China.
This early account of China covers a wide variety of subjects including a large section on newly discovered plants, herbs, fruits of S. China. With a folding map of all China, Korea, part of Japan, Formosa, South to the Kingdom of Cannan [Annam or Vietnam], Tartary. The book contains a meticulous description of the people, laws, customs, provinces done in much detail. Lavishly illustrated with 121 text plates by W.Hollar. The work was one of the earliest English language texts which brought new and wondrous information back to England and Europe of a continent mostly unknown at that time.
The plan of "Grounplot … of the Emperours Palace at Peking", with cut outer margin. The two folding maps backed on verso lower margin with old paper, for protective reason only. Plan of A good margin copy.
- Wing N1152. Taylor 238. Morrison p.565. Cordier col. 2347.

Voyages Asie/Océanie

26 SALMON, Tomas (& Matthias van GOCH). Hedendaegsche historie, of tegenwoordige staet van alle volkeren; in opzigte hunner landsgelegenheit, personen, klederen, gebouwen, zeden, wetten, gewoontens, godsdienst, regering, konsten en wetenschappen, koophandel, handwerken, landbouw, landziek Amsterdam, 1729. Uncoloured. 6 parts in one vol. 8vo. Contemporary blind tooled vellum, title in ink on spine. Engraved allegorical frontispiece by J.C. Philips (1729), 3 engraved folding maps of (1) China, including Japan and Kamchatka, (2) Japan 200 x 125 mm.
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¤ Original edition of the first volume of the Dutch translation of an extensive series on the geography, history and culture of most parts of the world, consisting of 44 volumes. This first volume deals extensively with China, Japan, the Philippines, the Moluccas and Celebes (the present Sulawesi) with its capital Makassar. This first vol. (as also vols. 2-9) is translated and much enlarged by Matthias van Goch (d. 1739), who added many original notes. Beginning with the part on Japan and the Moluccas in this volume, Van Goch enlarged and adopted the original text by Thomas Salmon to such extend that his text can be considered as Van Goch's own work. He could make use of the annotations by Gerrit Voogt which he wrote during his stay in Decima from 1706 till 1714. This part is illustrated with a beautiful view on the island Decima, the Dutch foot-hold in Japan, being copied from a manuscript by Vogue, who was second-in-command on Deshima in 1713. The island is viewed from the landside, depicting the developments of the new warehouses and the garden as well as the famous "speelhuis" which contained a billiard table and musical instruments on the upper floor.
The original English edition was compiled by Thomas Salmon (1679-1767): Modern history, or The present state of all nations, the first volume of which (here translated) appeared in London in 1725. Thomas Salmon was an historical and geographical writer. He travelled extensively and resided in the Indies for many years. The original English series consists of three volumes. The entire Dutch series, based on Salmon's work translation, of which volumes 1-9 were translated/ written/ adapted by Matthias van Goch, was published in 44 volumes, between 1729 and 1803, published by Isaak Tirion and others. An Italian translation appeared in 23 volumes (1738-61). The work was also partly translated into German from 1748 onwards.
Our copy preserves the unpaginated separate titles for the parts on Japan (nr. III and IV), Philippines (Nr. V and a leaf with the contents), and the Moloccas (Nr. VI, with 3 unpaginated lvs. with a preface). Very good condition.


27 GOOS, P. Le Grand & Nouveau Miroir ou Flambeau de la Mer… Amsterdam, 1676. In-folio ; veau brun, dos à nerfs orné, pièce de titre de maroquin rouge (reliure de l’époque). - Folio. 3 parts in 1 volume. Contemp. brown calf, gilt spine, ribbed, title on gilt red morocco label. Good copy of an (unrecorded) important sea atlas. 450 x 290 mm.
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¤ Edition française non répertoriée. Atlas maritime illustré de 32 cartes à double page et d'une carte in-texte. Traduit en français par Paul Yvounet.
La composition de l'édition française diffère complètement de celles publiées en anglais ou en hollandais, elle comprend des cartes de Grande-Bretagne, des Pays-Bas, de Belgique, de France, d'Espagne, du Portugal et des côtes du Maroc avec les Canaries. Le texte indique les itinéraires maritimes à suivre et les dangers à éviter.
Unrecorded French text edition. Engraved title-page, 32 double-page charts, 1 engraved text-chart of St.MALO, numerous woodcuts of astronomical diagrams, compass, geometrical instruments and coastal lines, as well as 2 volvelles in text. With an Almanack from 1670-1680. Errors in paging: 57 instead of 61 and 217-224 instead of 117-124.
Pieter Goos's sea-atlas "reflects a high professional standard" (Koeman IV, p. 192). The De Nieuwe Groote Zee-Spiegel follows the prototype of pilot guides, opening with an introduction into navigation, followed charts of the coasts west and south from the Netherlands. A chapter with sailing directions is devoted to each section of coastline. It is accompanied by a chart, engraved on one side of a folded leaf, and woodcut coastal profiles are interspersed throughout the text.
Contents A2-K2 Instruction en l'art de Navigation. Table. 1-34 Le premier Livre. 35-76 Le deuxiesme Livre. 77-114 Le troizième Livre. 115-224 Le quatrième Livre.

The composition of the French edition is entirely different from the Dutch and English editions. It contains the Western Navigation with charts and descriptions of Great Britain, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, Coast of Marocco with Canary Islands, and 3 charts on a sheet, and full- page chart of Canary Islands. The translation into french is by Paul Yvounet.
Very decorative engraved frontispiece with printed title. In lower part three large vessels in the foreground and two smaller ones in the distance.

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