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Location: 1598
Anvers, 1598 - 360 x 460 mm.
Map showing Touraine. Published in the "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" (Atlas of the world) published in Antwerp...
Location: 1634
Amsterdam , ca. 1634 - 387 x 503 mm.
In the left-hand lower part of the image a beautiful contemporary cartouche with goddess Ceres [agricultural] holding a reaping-hook in her right hand and receiving with her left hand the ribbons of t..
Location: 1753
Paris, 1753 - 474 x 454 mm.
Carte détaillée du Maine et Perche, de l'Anjou, de la Touraine et du Saumurois. Centrée sur la ville de La Flèche, et figurant les villes de Châteaubriant, Chatelleraux, Tours, Chateaudun, Loudun…..
Location: 1806
Paris, Prudhomme, Levrault, Debray, 1806 - 148 x 96 mm.
Carte centrée sur la ville de Tours, avec une petite légende.@..
Location: 1841
Paris, M. B. Dusillon, ca. 1841 - 480 x 675 mm.
Perhaps one of the greatest cartographic feats of all time, this 1963 'bird's eye view' map of New York City was the first such produced for almost a century. Amazingly, the technique dates back to th..
Location: 1852
Paris, A. Combette, 1852 - 410 x 265 mm.
Map of the Indre and Loire region, centered on Tours in France.Lovely map from one of the last decorative atlases of the nineteenth century.The rather simple map is framed by medallion portraits and c..
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