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Location: 1720
Amsterdam, 1720 - 365 x 427 mm.
This handsome folio sheet present three views of the strategically important Bosporus. At top is a large decorative bird's-eye view of Istanbul as viewed from across the water, which is filled with a ..
Location: 1720
Amsterdam, 1720 - 376 x 865 mm.
An inset plan of Batavia and clearly indicated rice fields, mountains, forests, towns in profile and even elephants suggest the wealth of detail found on this map. Modeled on Hadrien Reland's importan..
Location: 1728
Amsterdam, 1728 - 335 x 436 mm.
This impressive engraving provides a detailed description of the infrastructure of the Spanish government. Ornamented with numerous vignettes illustrating sessions of parliament, the plate includes a ..
Location: 1720
Amsterdam, 1720 - 390 x 462 mm.
Very decorative folio sheet with five engraved views in Venice: "Vue de la Palace de St. Marc" (Piazza San Marco), a birds-eye map of "L'Arcenal", "Autre vue de al Place de St. Marc", "Course des Gond..
Location: 1728
Amsterdam, 1728 - 333 x 440 mm.
A map of Greece during the Roman Empire, with descriptive French text, from Chatelain's monumental 7 volume Atlas Historique. In upper right margin: 'N°6.Henri Abraham Chatelain (1684 – 1743) was a Hu..
Location: 1719
Amsterdam, 1719 - 370 x 435 mm.
A good impression of this decorative map of Japan based on Reland's map of `1715, one of the earliest to use both Latin names and Japanese characters. With inset of the bay of Nagasaki.In upper left c..
Location: 1719
Amsterdam, 1719 - 465 x 582 mm.
Chatelain's map of Asia. The title is in two lines across the map. On each side border appears an index to the map's contents.The map is of interest for the use of Mer Orientale for the sea between Ko..
Location: 1720
Amsterdam, 1720 - 585 x 470 mm.
This is a fascinating folio sheet filled with engravings of ships and navigation instruments. At the center is a large view of a frigate showing the rigging in great detail. Other engravings include m..
Location: 1720
Amsterdam, 1720 - 376 x 435 mm.
The plate is showing the murder of one of the Emperors of Japan and the arrival of one of the early Dutch embassies in Kyoto with a small map of Japan in a central panel. Plate and text-pages from his..
Location: 1720
Amsterdam, 1720 - 370 x 432 mm.
Interesting sheet with seven detailed views illustrating the most important Dutch V.O.C. trading outposts and fortified colonial possessions in the East Indies, including 4 harbor views Batavia (Jakar..
Location: 1719
Amsterdam, 1719 - 410 x 524 mm.
This is a derivative of Delisle's landmark map of the southern part of North America. The detailed map shows many English settlements along the East Coast and carefully notes the discoveries of D'Iber..
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